Accidentally Adaptive: Faux Two Piece Dress

If you haven’t read a post from my Accidentally Adaptive series yet, it’s where I share things from my life that aren’t designed to be specifically adaptive, but end up being “accidentally adaptive” for me.

I love sharing my outfits and style here, but sometimes I think my posts make it seem a little more effortless than it actually is. It can be a struggle to find clothes that I like, that come in my size, and that work well with my wheelchair, too. Which is why I was so excited when I found this black-and-white faux two piece dress that ended up being accidentally adaptive perfection for me.

I’ve shared before that I tend to wear dresses most of the time (typically, if you see me with a sweater on here, it means that I’m wearing a blanket on my lap as my “bottoms”). It’s because it’s the easiest for me to wear and be comfortable in throughout the day. And while I don’t mind most of the time, it does limit a lot of outfit options! I’ve also never really had luck layering a top under or over a dress to create the illusion of a skirt + top combination – it’s really hard to make everything lay right, and a bodysuit would solve those issues but would definitely not be comfortable for me to wear all day. So I stick with dresses – cute and easy to wear.

Those issues made me especially interested in this dress when I posted it online, and then I was persuaded to buy it when I shared it on Instagram and so many of you told me to go for it! I love it because it totally gives the illusion of a top and a skirt, and it’s absolutely an outfit that I’d put together and wear myself if I could. Since I can’t easily do that, I love that this dress is “accidentally” giving me a look that I love.

The top is actually kind of a stretchy, ribbed material, which makes it work really well for me, and the skirt part is perfectly light and flowy – it looks so natural on me while seated! And I love the little detail of the ruffled cuff – it really brings together the illusion of it being two separate pieces. There’s a small seam where the two pieces meet, but it’s stretchy and not at all tight or uncomfortable. And of course, since it’s not actually two pieces, nothing rode up during the day while I wore it.

I love that the black-and-white color combination is so classic and chic. I chose to pair it with my Sarah Flint flats because I think they have the same classic, timeless vibe going for them that the dress does! The best part about accidentally adaptive dresses is that they work equally well on people who need adaptive clothes as they do on people who don’t – this dress would be super cute on anyone!

As always, you can use the code SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERREPORT for $50 off your first pair of these Sarah Flint flats or any other pair of shoes!

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