Friday Favorites

We are projected to get a snowstorm tomorrow, and I am majorly crossing my fingers that it’s the last snow of the year. I am so beyond ready for spring – the little taste of it we had last weekend just made me want it to come all the more quickly. This week wasn’t an especially exciting one, though I’m still riding the high of of the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival Open Call winner announcement, honestly! I’m also off work today, and so I’m hoping to ease into the weekend. Since we “lose” an hour of sleep this weekend with the time change, I will take any extra time off that I can get.

Now on to this week’s favorites.

Ukranians with Disabilities Are Being Forgotten

I know that I shared a GoFundMe last week, but this is a really great (and heartbreaking, and terrifying) report on the actual disabled people living in Ukraine, and what their struggles are. It’s so frustrating that the needs of disabled people are continually forgotten in moments of crisis – I can’t even imagine what they must be feeling right now. It’s so important that we keep remembering we need to include disabled people in all kinds of planning efforts ahead of time, not after the fact.

Aerie Sweater Cape

It will shock no one who reads here regularly that anything that combines the words sweater and cape would pique my interest! This looks so cozy and equally perfect for lounging around the house as adding a layer when needed on a spring day. The pockets and the hood add fun little details, too.

Beanie Takes Broadway

I just binged American Crime Story: Impeachment on Hulu, and Beanie Feldstein was incredible in it! This whole interview is great, but these two paragraphs really stuck out to me: “I would walk into a room and feel very bigger or shorter or more Jewish or whatever it was; I felt very different than the other girls in the room. I was like, “They either want the Bean or they don’t want the Bean.” This was my little motto that I would say to myself. It was really freeing because you didn’t feel the need to become something you can’t be or that you’re not. You have to just lead with who you are and your-ness, your mush, and your humanity and put it out there to the best of your ability.” So important for anyone to remember!!

Pink Pleated Dress

I wasn’t lying when I said that spring was on my mind – both in terms of nicer weather, but also in terms of dresses! I love the pleating of this dress and the pin tucks at the top – it’s like an elevated shirtdress. It seems perfect for a fresh spring day.

Reporting on Disability

This is from last month, but I’m only seeing it now. The Times hired their first disability reporting fellow this past year, and I absolutely love this piece she wrote on how to report on disability. I can’t even pick a favorite part – there are SO MANY gems in it! And honestly, a lot of it applies well beyond just reporting, too. Highly recommend you give it a read.

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