Gratitude List

Mondays are always rough, and today is a Monday after a time change, when we “lost” an hour of sleep. So it seems like a good day for me to make a gratitude list – just sharing the things that I’m feeling thankful for right now.

More sun in the evenings

I’m trying really hard not to focus on the fact that I “lost” an hour of sleep, but instead to think about the good, which is the fact that it stays light out longer now. I’m so excited for more light and longer nights and the fact that it means summer is (slowly) it it’s way. A sign of good things to come!

An afternoon out

I was off work on Friday, so my friend and I took advantage of the nice(ish) weather and headed to the grounds of The Frick to catch up. I’ve been feeling a bit cooped up lately, so this was the perfect thing to break me out of my rut.

Getting lost in a good book

I recently recommended the ACOTAR book series to a few different friends and my sister. I usually wait a while before re-reading a book or series, but knowing that they were all reading them made me jealous, ha! So I re-read most of the series over the last week or so. It was so fun to just let myself get totally lost in the books and the world.

My daily cappuccino

I know it’s small, and silly, but my daily cappuccino really does bring me joy! I think it’s a pretty low-stakes thing to be addicted to, and I look forward to it every day.

Supportive friends

I know I had a whole post about this recently, but it’s something that I really have been feeling so grateful about. My friends (both “IRL” and ones that I’ve met online) have been so, so supportive of me – not only when I’ve gotten good news, but also acting as cheerleaders along the way. It’s the thing I’m the most grateful about right now for sure.

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