What I’ve Been Watching

It’s been a while, so it seemed like a good time to share the TV shows and movies that I’ve been watching lately. Looking back on them, it’s a pretty varied assortment – some docuseries, some dramas, some comedies, and some movies. A good mix!

The Andy Warhol Diaries (Netflix)

This is a docuseries about Andy Warhol’s life and art – he’s so widely known for his pop art, but so much isn’t know about his life itself. He was born and raised here in Pittsburgh, so it’s always fun to learn more about him. Plus, since I’m on the Board of Directors at The Warhol museum here, some of the people interviewed on the series are people that I know! I got such a thrill seeing them and the museum on my screen. I learned a lot and it was really fun – I highly recommend.

Inventing Anna (Netflix)

I think that I talked a little bit about this show in one of my Friday Favorites posts. I was obsessed with the original NY Magazine article that “broke” the story – I couldn’t get enough and wanted allll the details. The show was… fine? But they mixed fact and fiction, and I didn’t love that. The story had enough drama all on it’s own! They also made Anna out to be almost the hero of the story? And that didn’t quite sit right with me, either.

Severance (Apple TV)

This show is… strange? But addicting. It’s about an employer that “severs” their employees – when they’re at work, they have no memories of their home life, and vice versa. There are lots of strange mysteries to untangle – what exactly is it that they’re doing at work? Why do they need to be “severed” to do their job? Is it possible to “un-sever” their memories? Like I said… strange, but strangely addicting. The season isn’t quite over yet and I’m very interested to see how it ends.

How I Met Your Father (Hulu)

I watched almost all of the original How I Met Your Mother (I never saw the final season because it got spoiled for me online and I was too mad to watch), so I had to give this a try. It’s cute! It’s nothing groundbreaking – it’s sitcom-y, and follows the same general plot of the original, but this time from the woman’s (Hilary Duff’s) point-of-view. There are a few cameos from the original show to look forward to, also, which is fun.

Love is Blind (Netflix)

Like so many people, I couldn’t stop watching this show! If you’re not familiar, it’s a reality dating show where people have truly blind dates – they’re all in separate “pods” and can only hear, and not see, each other. Proposals happen in the pods, and then after they finally get to meet, they learn if love is truly blind and if their relationship still works in the real world. This season had some real villains and trainwrecks that I just couldn’t look away from!

Impeachment: American Crime Story (Hulu)

I’ve been wanting to watch this for a while, and was happy to see it pop up on my Hulu screen. It’s based on the Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton impeachment scandal. I thought that Beanie Feldstein was incredible as Monica, and I loved that the show didn’t paint her as evil or as a seductress or anything. It does a great job exploring the power dynamics and how absolutely lost and overwhelmed she must have felt when the news broke. I’d like to think that the story would be handled different now, but maybe that’s just me hoping? Anyway, I highly recommend.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (Amazon)

Honestly, I will probably watch anything that Amy Sherman-Palladino creates. I don’t know that this was my favorite season of the show, but I did like that it started to set up the plot for things to change and start to happen next season. The finale was, in my opinion, the best episode by far – some of the other episodes felt a little bit like filler to me! But I will still continue to watch for sure – especially any and all episodes with Lenny Bruce!

West Side Story (HBO and Disney +)

The only movie on my list this time! I love the original West Side Story, so it’s no shock that I loved this, too. The cast was truly amazing. I will never get over my shock when I learned that in the original movie, many of the actors didn’t actually sing! That was not the case in this version, and their talent was just incredible. I also loved that they brought Rita Moreno back! They changed and updated just a few things, making it new but not completely different. I just loved it. (I will say – it was slightly difficult for me to watch after reading about the allegations against Ansel Elgort, which came out after filming was complete.)

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