Accidentally Adaptive: Walmart InHome Delivery

I had a sponsored Instagram post last week for Walmart InHome delivery. This post is not sponsored, but I love the delivery service so much that I wanted to talk about it here, too.

I have not set foot into a grocery store since 2020, and I definitely don’t miss it. I love the convenience of getting groceries delivered – what started as something I did as germ risk avoidance is now something that I never want to give up. Especially since, logistically, grocery shopping is hard for me. But Walmart’s InHome delivery service takes the convenience of grocery delivery a step further – instead of leaving the groceries on your doorstep, they actually come in and put them away in your fridge!

I’ve been getting groceries delivered from Walmart for over two years now, but the InHome delivery option was new to me. It starts off the same way as “regular” delivery does – you place your grocery order online or in the Walmart app, and you pick a day to have them delivered. But you don’t pick a time during that day, since it doesn’t actually matter if you’re home or not – the groceries still get put away! And of course, you still get notifications when the associate is en route to you with your groceries.

So… safety wise, how does this work? There are a few different options. If you’re not comfortable with someone coming in your home, you can choose to have the groceries left in your garage, using a keypad to let the associate in. But if you are okay with an actual in-home delivery, Walmart will work with you to make it happen. For $50, they’ll install a smart lock for you that works with their app! I was excited about this separately from the grocery delivery, honestly – I can’t lock or unlock the door myself, so being able to use the app is so cool for me. And then the app gives the associate delivering your groceries a one-time entry with the lock, and the whole interaction is video recorded so that you know exactly what is happening throughout the whole delivery.

If you’re worried about health safety, they’ve thought of that, too. They wear masks, shoe covers, and sanitize surfaces. Plus, of course, you don’t even need to be around them while they’re in your home – though of course, you’re welcome to say hello! Once they’re in your home, they put your groceries in your fridge/freezer and on your counter for you! That way, even if you’re busy or not home when your groceries arrive, you don’t have to worry about your food going bad.

Now that I’ve explained how it works, I can explain why it’s “accidentally adaptive.” I need help with sooo many things day-to-day, and grocery shopping is obviously one of them. I can’t get to and from the store myself, I can’t put things in my cart, and I can’t go through checkout. Grocery delivery definitely makes it easier – I can pick and choose the items that I want and checkout is a breeze, but I still have to work around other people’s schedules to make sure that someone else is home (and not in a meeting) when the groceries are scheduled to be delivered.

I’m okay with needing help – it’s something that I’ve accepted. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to take opportunities to be more independent whenever I can. Grocery shopping might seem small, but for me, it’s not – it gives me one more thing that I can have control over. I can buy what I want, when I want, and not have to worry about anyone else’s schedule or think about other logistics.

So Walmart’s InHome delivery is a convenience that I think anyone would love, but is extra exciting for people with disabilities (or people with small children, or older adults… the possibilities are endless). I’m so excited that I learned about this service – and even though I’m not being paid to keep using it, I definitely will be continuing! Check out their website to see if it’s available in your area, and you can even do a free 30-day trial to make sure you like it!

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