Friday Favorites

I decided to listen to my own advice yesterday and rest instead of writing a blog post – I needed to remind myself that I’m still healing and recovering, and that won’t happen without rest. I think that I definitely made the right decision. I have another weekend of rest planned, too. I hope you all enjoy your weekends and get to fit some rest in as well.

On to the favorites!

Crime Junkies Podcast in ASL

My friend shared this with me, and I think that it’s so cool. The Crime Junkies podcast has been putting up ASL versions of their episodes so that any true crime obsessed D/deaf of hard-of-hearing people can enjoy the podcast, too! I love hearing about inclusive things like this.

Barbie the Movie

I saw this come across my Instagram feed and I am SO excited. A live-action movie about Barbie?! I am IN. My sister, a few of our friends, and I played with Barbies for longer than we would have liked to admit (we are now much more confident in sharing this… or at least I am!), so all things Barbie and near and dear to my heart. I will definitely be watching.

Floral Shift Dress

J.Crew has so many cute new arrivals right now, but I especially love this floral shift dress! The blue floral print is so pretty, and I love the gathering around the neckline. It just looks like the perfect summer dress.

Harry Styles and Shania Twain at Coachella

I love live music and Harry Styles, but am pretty sure that Coachella will never be my kind of scene. I do wish, though, that I could have seen this duet in person! Man! I Feel Like a Woman was a song that played at many of my middle school dances, so this is just such a fun and unexpected pairing.

“Signs You Might be the Heroine of a Rom Com Novel”

I saw this on Becca’s Instagram and just thought that it was too good!! I love reading rom coms, and this hit on sooo many of the typical rom com tropes. I think that this might be my favorite: “You are pretending to be someone’s girlfriend for dubious reasons. It’s an elaborate ruse that takes up several hours of every day.”

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