Life Lately, April 2022

Wow – this is one of those months were it was so wild to look back on my camera roll, because I can’t believe how much has happened (and, honestly, how long ago it seems like it was). So here’s a fun assortment of the things, big and small, that I’ve been up to over the past month.

I know that it’s officially spring now, but back at the end of March we had an unseasonably warm day – I think it almost hit 80 degrees! My sister had to go to a work event in person, so I tagged along and spent the afternoon working outside on CMU’s campus. It’s always a little funny to be back – in some ways, it feels like I’ve only been out of college for a few years, but the campus looks so different that in other ways, it feels like I’ve been gone for ages. But it was a great little change of pace and atmosphere for an afternoon.

I had the chance (excuse?) to go back to Drybar for another blowout. I just low how pampering it feels – who doesn’t love getting their hair washed?? – and it always looks so amazing afterwards. I just feel so powerful and confident with a fresh blowout!

Next, the two most exciting things from the past month. First, getting to see Ali Stroker perform at the Cabaret theater here in Pittsburgh was a super high of the month. Her voice is beyond incredible – she’s just so talented, and even made sure to leave time during the performance for a Q and A since she couldn’t do the typical “stage door” after the show. She was also kind enough to meet us afterwards, and was so incredibly kind and friendly. It was another reminder to me about the power of finding your disability community – we connected really quickly because of our experiences as disabled women. Just really, really cool.

And then! I also had my own “performance” of sorts – my session at the Pittsburgh Humanities Festival. I was incredibly excited but also more nervous than I’ve ever been for any public speaking! I’m usually pretty chill about it, but this felt much more legit and real than a lot of my other things. I was up on a stage with a mic and a tech team, people had to pay to attend the whole series of events… it just felt like a much larger scale! But it went really well, and the best part was having my friends and family in the audience. It was so reassuring to see friendly faces! And it reminded me that even though I was nervous, I really do like public speaking (so if you have any opportunities for me, definitely reach out!).

A friend sent me this lovely assortment of chocolates that are specific to Canada! Obviously, as a coffee addict, I looove the Coffee Crisps, and the Easter bunny Kit-Kats are a fun mix between a Kit-Kat and a Crunch bar. Delicious!

How funny is this picture?? We randomly had a whole flock of wild turkeys walk through our front yard and into our neighbor’s backyard. They didn’t stick around, but it was so wild to watch them walk through the middle of the suburbs.

I FINALLY made it Margaux! It’s this super cute little coffee shop / wine bar in East Liberty, and I’ve been wanting to go there for probably two years now! I’m so glad that I finally made it happen – I loved it. The atmosphere is so much fun, and the food and drinks were equally amazing. Can’t wait to go back when it’s a little warmer and enjoy their patio.

No pictures for this next one, but my friend had her twins! I haven’t gotten to meet them yet – they’re all still settling in at home – but I can’t wait. So exciting!

And of course – we celebrated Easter. It was just my immediate family, so we had a low-key celebration at home. We ordered food from Mindy’s Take and Bake, which we also did for Thanksgiving this past year, and honestly it’s the best. It makes the day so much less stressful, and it’s reaaaally delicious, too. We were able to order a feast – ham, pot roast, cheesy potato bake, risotto, a quiche… so many good things to choose from! Such a great way to celebrate the holiday.

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