Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

It is somehow already mid April, which means that Mother’s Day is coming up in just a few weeks! I am typically a last minute gift kind of person, but am trying to be better about it. So if you’re hoping to finish your shopping early too, I’m sharing some inspiration for Mother’s Day gifts.

A product collage of Mother's Day gift ideas: a LAKE pajamas robe, L'Occitane lavender foaming bath, Equilibira CBD relief balm, bath caddy tray, peach prosecco bar soap, pearl hoop earrings, AirPod Pros, ChappyWrap blanket, UGG slippers, UrbanStems flower bouquet, Hotel Lobby candle, Catbird daffodil flower charm, packing cubes set.

LAKE Pajamas Robe // Lavender Foaming Bath // CBD Relief Balm // Bath Tray

Peach Prosecco Bar Soap // Pearl Hoops // AirPod Pros

ChappyWrap // UGG Slippers // UrbanStems Bouquet

Hotel Lobby Candle // Catbird Flower Charm // Packing Cubes

If your mom is anything like mine, she resists buying herself the little luxuries of life… basically, the things that she things cost too much! So I tried to round up things that are a little bit indulgent, but still useful (or just pretty!). Things that she’d love but wouldn’t want to spend the money on herself.

In terms of wearable things – a robe is something that is always appreciated, and the LAKE pajamas dreamknit material is so soft and comfortable. I basically include a ChappyWrap blanket every time I share gift ideas, but that’s because it’s THAT good. And the UGG slippers are in constant gift rotation, too – they’re especially great because they can be worn both inside and outside, and they’re so fuzzy and cozy.

Jewelry is a great gift option too, of course! Catbird is one of my absolute favorite jewelers – everything they make is so pretty. I think this daffodil charm is a great Mother’s Day gift option – daffodils always make me think of spring! And these pearl hoop earrings are classic and simple enough that they’d fit anyone’s jewelry style.

Taking a nice, long bath absolutely fits into the category of little luxuries, in my opinion. This bath caddy is the ideal way to make a bath extra relaxing – it has space for an iPad or Kindle or book, for a cup of tea of glass of wine, and even a little space for a nice bar of soap. Which I also have a recommendation for! My aunt makes the absolute best smelling homemade bar soaps, and how great does peach prosecco sound? This lavender bath foam from L’Occitane will definitely add to the atmosphere of relaxation, too. And post-bath, this CBD cream from Equilibria is the perfect thing for soothing any sore muscles (REFHEATHER.TOMKO will get you $20 off your first order).

I’ve recently become obsessed with packing cubes, and this set makes a cute yet practical gift. Hotel Lobby candles make great gifts because they’re a splurge, but they smell incredible and, in my opinion, are the best candles around – they’re one of the only kinds that don’t give me a headache when I light them. And for an even splurgier splurge, AirPod Pros are the ultimate gift in terms of something that isn’t necessarily needed but will absolutely be loved. And finally… you can never go wrong with flowers! I’ve used UrbanStems before and have been really happy with their arrangements – I think this is such a pretty one, but they have a whole Mother’s Day selection.

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