Accidentally Adaptive: Beis Koozie Sling

I’m so excited to be back with another Accidentally Adaptive post! These are some of my absolute favorite posts to write – I love showing how mainstream products also have adaptive uses. This one comes courtesy of an Instagram ad that I came across while scrolling through my feed – for the Beis Koozie Sling. I actually almost scrolled past it and had to quickly backtrack so that I could take a closer look. And it looked so good that I ended up ordering it immediately!

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is outside on her back patio. She's wearing a yellow smocked dress and is wearing the Beis koozie sling, a koozie on a crossbody strap. There's a disposable coffee cup in it and it's resting on her lap.

I basically like to live my life with a coffee in hand at all times. That’s fine when I’m home, but when I’m out, I can’t really hold a coffee and drive my wheelchair at the same time, unless I want to have coffee spilling down my legs every time I hit a crack in the sidewalk. I actually do have a cupholder that attaches to my wheelchair, but with the placement of it, and the weight of the cup with coffee in it, it can be hard for me to actually lift the drink out of my cupholder and onto my lap. So I either have to drive really, really slowly, or hope that I’m going to be strong enough to lift up my cup without it slipping out of my hands and spilling all over the ground. Neither is really a great option!

Heather still has the Beis koozie sling on, but she's holding it up to her mouth to take a sip of coffee from the cup.

So when I saw this koozie sling, I was instantly intrigued. It seemed like a great solution to my problem – a way to carry my drink around without making a mess, but still have it be easily accessible to me when I wanted to drink from it. It’s basically a koozie on a crossbody strap, that also has a little hand warmer for easier holding and lifting. It has so many other cool features, too – it has a little detachable credit card pocket, and it has an elastic inside the koozie part so that it can hold drinks of different sizes. The crossbody strap is really adjustable, so you can make it as long or as short as you need it to be – or, since it clips on, you can take if off completely.

And the best part is, it really works! I’ve only been able to test it in my backyard so far, but it fits my coffee cup perfectly, and I can lift it up to my mouth really easily to drink, and then let it hang down when I don’t want to hold it. It’s great! And even if you don’t need it for an adaptive reason, it would be great at a music festival, or going for a walk, or even just hanging out at a park or in your own yard. It’s convenient and a great way to be hands-free!

So the Beis Koozie Sling is a great addition to the Accidentally Adaptive line-up – it has a much-needed adaptive use, but is also something that anyone could use and benefit from. I love to see it!

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