Friday Favorites

We have had a stretch of such beautiful weather this week, and I’ve been spending as much time as possible outside. I feel so much more energized and happier! I actually mentioned yesterday that it smelled like summer, and there’s something about that smell that’s so intensely nostalgic for me! It brings me back to high school, and nearing the end of the school year, hanging out with my friends outside as it got lighter later and stayed warmer longer. It just felt like the summer was stretching out ahead of me, and everything felt full of possibilities and potential.

Anyway – I’m clearly very, very ready for summer to be here. Enjoy this week’s favorites!

The Friendship Circle Mental Health Awareness Merch

The Friendship Circle is a local, community-based organization that’s driven to increase inclusion, with an emphasis on disability inclusion. I’ve been lucky enough to work with them a few times before and am always so impressed by the work they do. Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, they’ve released a new merch line focused on mental health, with the proceeds going towards their teen-focused mental health programming. They were kind enough to gift me this sweatshirt, and I can confirm it’s great!

Nell Diamond in The Cut

Obviously, I’m a huge Nap Dress fan. Nell Diamond, the woman behind the dress, had a great profile in The Cut earlier this week. There’s a lot of information in there – little peeks behind the curtain of how the dress came to be what it is today! I also really appreciate the mentions of diversity in the article – not as lip service, but as a real show of commitment. It feels good to know that a dress I love has some social consciousness behind it!

Lake Pajamas Dress

I didn’t know that Lake pajamas made non-pajama clothing, but I’m very tempted by this dress! I love the bright color and the pretty swiss dot detailing. Plus, knowing Lake, I imagine that it’s super comfortable! It seems like a perfect summer dress.

Barbie Gets a Hearing Aid

I was such a Barbie girl when I was growing up – a friend and I secretly kept playing Barbies years after it was considered cool. So I have a very soft spot in my heart for the doll! Which is why I love their efforts to increase diversity and representation lately. Mattel has released the first-ever Barbie who has a hearing aid! I just get chills thinking about a young girl FINALLY being able to have a doll that looks like her.

Alivia New Releases

Alivia is this super-cool clothing brand who I found because Grace shared them on Instagram! They work with disabled artists, and take the art created and turn it into fabric patterns for clothing. VERY importantly, in my opinion, they pay the disabled artist for the use of their work, and they donate a portion of the proceeds to an organization the artists is associated with. It’s just an amazing concept, and the clothes are CUTE. I love the floral pattern – and, of course, the smocking – of this cute top.

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