Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! I don’t have actual plans for the weekend, but my back is finally starting to feel better so I’m hoping that I can really enjoy the time. I have been flying through books this week, so I’m hoping to do some more reading this weekend, too. It’s looking like lots of rain, so I plan to stay nice and cozy inside, snuggling under a blanket and with a good book. Sounds like perfection, right?? I also know that politically and socially, many people are feeling stressed and anxious this week – so I think that kind of mentally “checking out” can be helpful sometimes, to protect your own mental health.

And now, on to this week’s favorites.

Book Lovers

I have been looking forward to Emily Henry’s latest book for months, and it did not disappoint! I actually raced through a day because I could not stop reading – it’s a great rom com book that has depth, too – and takes some romance tropes and spins them on their heads. Highly, highly recommend!

Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala

I love the Met Gala, and watch the red carpet obsessively, as I’m sure many of you do! I love seeing all the different ways that designers interpret the themes. What I did not love, though, was Kim Kardashian’s comments about dieting (in a very unhealthy way) to be able to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress for the event. This article is a great reminder that you never need to change your body for clothes.

Syndey Sweeney at the Met Gala

Okay, on the other end of the spectrum of Met Gala coverage, Tory Burch made what is, in my opinion, the absolute PERFECT reel. A Princess Diaries homage?!? Yes please!! I have watched this over and over and sent to all my friends. It’s just so good!

Adaptive Fashion Show on Campus

A reader sent this to me this week and I love it! A pre-med student at Washington University created a line of adaptive formal wear for an on-campus fashion show. It was all inspired by her experience shopping with her friend, who uses a walker and had a difficult time finding formalwear that fit her style and mobility needs. I especially loved that the designers worked with the disabled model to make sure that the clothes worked for them!

Every Body is a Summersalt Body

I love this campaign from Summersalt every year! They make a concerted effort to photograph a wide range of body shapes and types in their swimwear. This year, my favorite Elizabeth Holmes is part of the campaign, which is so cool! And they also always make sure to include disabled people too, which makes me extra happy. Make sure you scroll through all the pictures.

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