Friday Favorites

The sunshine and warmer weather this week has put me in such a great mood. It’s supposed to be in the NINETIES here today, which is wild for May, but I’m just so excited for sunshine and warmth. I have a low-key weekend planned – I’m actually getting my second booster shot today, so I wanted to lay low this weekend in case I’m hit with any side effects. All worth it, of course! I have a few trips planned for the summer and want to make sure I’m up to date on my protection.

On to this week’s favorites.

Supergoop Sunscreen Sale

This is coming at a great time for me, because I spent (only!!) an hour in the sun earlier this week and now my arms are a little pink. I am diligent about sunscreen on my face, but don’t wear it on my body during the winter. Clearly, it’s time to start wearing it daily again. I’ve used Supergoop on my face before and love it (both Glowscreen and Mattescreen), so I’m going to try their PLAY sunscreen for my body this year! You can use the code SUNNY20 for 20% off all their products – a great time to stock up.

Taylor Swift’s Commencement Speech

I’m so jealous of all the NYU graduates who got to have Taylor Swift give their commencement address (I’ll be honest… I cannot remember who gave mine!). I especially loved when she talked about the myth that is effortlessness, and being nonchalant and unaffected. Being excited about something is okay! Trying hard and really putting effort into things is good – it shows you care! Highly recommend reading the transcript and watching the video, too.

Ali and the Sea Stars

I love finding inclusive and diverse kids books – I think they’re SO important to help young kids learn to be open and accepting early on! Which is why I’m obviously very excited about Ali Stroker’s new picture book inspired by her own childhood when she discovered her love of theater. I’ll definitely be buying this for my friends with kids!

Free At-Home COVID Tests

You can now order a third round of free at-home COVID tests from the government. It doesn’t hurt to be stocked up just in case you need to test (especially as we’re seeing cases and hospitalizations rise again). It took a while for my last batch to arrive, so I recommend ordering sooner rather than later.

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