Hill House Sleep Review

One of my absolute favorite little luxuries in life is a great pair of pajamas. There’s nothing like putting on your pajamas at the end of the day (… or in the middle of the afternoon) and just feeling like you’re wearing the most comfortable and cozy thing. So when I saw that Hill House was coming out with a sleepwear line, I knew that I needed to try them!

Heather, a white woman in a power wheelchair, is sitting in her house in front of a window to her backyard. She's wearing the Hill House Home Charlotte Sleep Tee in floral stripe, which has lines of small red and pink flowers in between pale blue vertical stripes. On her lap is a tan and cream chevron print ChappyWrap blanket. She's smiling.

As much as I love a grown up set of pajamas to sleep in, I still like to keep the style simple – my favorites are t-shirt style (but elevated in fit and comfort!). So I was super excited that Hill House had a simple t-shirt as one of their options (plus a longer sleep shirt/dress, and both shorts and pants). It’s all sold separately, so you can mix-and-match tops and bottoms based on your preferences. I guess this is where I confess to you all that I prefer to sleep pants-less, so I only have tried out the sleep shirt and not any of the bottoms!

First – the fit. I am wearing the XXS, and love that it’s a looser, boxier fit. It’s not at all tight or constricting, which is a huge plus in my opinion! It’s definitely cut for comfort while sleeping. What I also love, though, is that even though it’s a boxier cut, the neck isn’t too loose or stretched out. I have really narrow shoulders and a lot of looser tops tend to slide off of my shoulders, but this one stays put. It’s shockingly hard to find pajamas offered in XXS, so I appreciate their size range in that direction.

And like I mentioned, all of the pieces are sold separately! I think that this is especially great for sizing – you can get one size in a top and a different size in the bottoms, and not have to worry about picking the best size for a set. It makes it much easier to shop, in my opinion.

The pajamas are made from 100% cotton. They’re not the absolute softest thing that I’ve ever felt, but they are still very soft and comfortable! They’re actually surprisingly thicker and more substantial than I expected them to be – in a good way! They feel like good quality that will actually last, rather than tear or thin after a few wears. And even though they feel kind of thick, they’re not too hot or uncomfortable to sleep in, probably because cotton is super breathable.

All in all, I’m definitely a fan of the Charlotte Sleep Tee, and I’m hoping they add more designs to their sleep collection in the future! I firmly believe you can never have too many cozy jammies.

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