Life Lately, May 2022

This has definitely been a slower month for me – being hit with back pain really forced me to re-evaluate and cancel lots of plans that had been scheduled. I’m also still not comfortable going to big, unmasked events, so that limits my options a bit, too. On the plus side, the weather has finally taken a turn, which means I’m not feeling claustrophobic in my own house anymore. So here’s what I’ve been up to over the last month.

This picture makes me laugh, because it looks like a nicely-posed backdrop… but really, I took it outside my doctor’s office after getting my back pain checked out. I figured if I had to leave the house, I might as well take advantage! I changed immediately back into my pajamas when I got home.

Because I lucked out with the weather turning, I spent a lot of time outside when possible. Sometimes, I was wearing pajamas, but when I did bother to get dressed, it was in something comfy (and often with a ChappyWrap on my lap – the midi size makes a perfect lap blanket). I took my iPad with me and got lots of reading done! I have really gotten lost in books this month, and it’s felt wonderful.

But!! Once I started to feel better, I (finally!) got to meet my friend’s twins!! It’s unbelievable how tiny they are – 7 pounds doesn’t sound as small as it feels. Once I tilted my wheelchair back, they both enjoyed a nice little nap. And I got to give them their gift – these super adorable Hill House hooded towel (I went with the trellis and the alphabet print).

And finally – had a super fun patio fire meetup with one of my sister’s work friends!! This was especially exciting because I convinced both my sister and her friend to read the ACOTAR series, and after getting them both fully invested in it, we created a “Night Court” Instagram group and have been chatting daily. It was so fun to actually meet and catch up in person (and if you zoom in, you can see the amazing “Tamlin’s Tears” coffee mug that she brought as a gift)! Sometimes I still can’t believe how many amazing people I’ve become friends with online long before ever meeting them in person. It set my weekend off to a great start.

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