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I tend to do the vast, vast majority of my shopping online. Last week, though, I went to a CVS inside a Target to get my second booster, and had to wait the prescribed 15 minutes after the shot to make sure I didn’t have any reaction. I was allowed to roam the store while I waited, and felt a little bit like a kid in a candy shop – I realized I haven’t been in a Target since probably 2019!! I did a little bit of impulse shopping because it just felt so novel and fun. So I thought I’d share a few of the recent and random purchases that I’ve made lately.

Product collage of recent random purchases with: Supergoop play sunscreen, a weekly circular pill case, Supergoop powder refill, White and grey patterned sheet set, purpley-grey Olive and June  nail polish, olive green Essie Gel Couture nail polish, and lighted house number sign.

Supergoop Play Sunscreen // Weekly Pill Case // Supergoop Power Refill // Cotton Sheet Set

Olive & June Polish // Essie Gel Couture Polish // Lighted House Number Sign

Supergoop Sunscreen Products

Supergoop has 20% off all of their products through today with code SUNNY20, so it seemed like the perfect time for me to pick up a few things. I’ve heard great things about their PLAY sunscreen, so I picked up one of those to try – I burn so easily, so I need a good sunscreen for my body. I’ve used, and really like, their mineral SPF powder as a way to add protection throughout the day on top of my makeup, so I picked up a refill of the powder so that I can make sure I have enough for this summer.

Pill Case

I only take two pills a day, so I can usually remember to take them without a problem. The other day, though, I ended up accidentally taking a double dose because I didn’t remember that I had already taken the pills a few hours earlier! It’s not harmful or a big deal, but obviously it’s not something that I want to do daily. So I picked up this weekly pill case so I can be sure that I’m taking just the right amount of pills each day! I love the little click button to switch between days, and that it’ll be great for travel, too. I will say that the spaces for each day aren’t huge, so if you take a lot of pills, or really big ones, this isn’t the case for you.

Sheet Set

This was a Target impulse buy, but one that I needed! I’m getting a new Sleep Number bed later this week (so excited!!) and needed new sheets for it. I’ve tried lots of different types and prices of sheets, and found that I’m not that picky – I don’t need anything super luxurious! I like that these sheets are 100% cotton – I’m hoping that they’re nice and breathable. I also think the subtle gray pattern is really pretty.

Nail Polishes

I haven’t bought new nail polishes in quite a while, and so the wall of polishes at Target was just too tempting to pass up. I haven’t tried Olive & June before, but I loved this greigy color so much. I have used (and love!) Essie Gel couture, and just thought that this olive green was so pretty.

Lighted House Number Sign

I do a lot of UberEatsing, and in the dark, it can sometimes be difficult for the delivery drivers to see the house numbers from their car. So we put this lighted house number sign closer to the road, and since it’s also lit up, it’s much easier to see. It also looks really nice by our lamppost! It’s solar powered, so putting it near our lamppost gives it a little extra lighting, too.

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