What I’ve Been Watching

Since I was dealing with back pain a lot recently (it’s feeling much better now!!), I’ve had lots of time to read and watch TV. I share the books that I read each month, but it seemed like a good time for another update of what I’ve been watching.

Spring Awakening: Those You’ve Known (HBO)

If you’re a musical theater fan at all, definitely watch this! It’s a documentary behind-the-scenes leading up to the one-night reunion concert of Spring Awakening that happened last year. I saw a local production of Spring Awakening once, and listened to the soundtrack a million times in college – I can remember sitting in one of the courtyard’s on campus with my iPod, listening on repeat! It’s a dark show, for sure, but it felt so groundbreaking, and I loved hearing more about how it came together and came to be the phenomenon that it was.

Shining Girls (Apple TV)

This is one of those shows where I don’t exactly know what I’m watching, but I can’t stop! It stars Elizabeth Moss, and she’s working to help find a man who has sexually assaulted and murdered a number of women. But there are weird inconsistencies, too – like Elizabeth Moss is living in two realities, each of which have similarities but are just slightly different. I’m truly not sure where the show is going to end up, but I am here for the ride.

Russian Doll (Netflix)

I loved season one of this show, and binged season two in a day! It was still good, but didn’t quite recapture the magic of the first season for me. This time, instead of re-living the same day over and over, Natasha Lyonne finds a subway line that takes her back in time, to different parts of her family’s history. To me, it’s a little more straightforward that the first season, but it still has some of the strange, surreal aspects where I’m still not exactly sure what happened! I think it’s still worth a watch.

The Wilds (Amazon)

Season two of this show just came out, and I feel like season one kind of flew under the radar, so I wanted to make sure that I shared! If you liked Yellowjackets, definitely watch The Wilds. It’s a similar-ish sort of premise – a group of girls get on a plane to go to a leadership retreat, but the plane crashes and they find themselves on a deserted island. They have to work together to survive, but unsurprisingly, things aren’t exactly as they seem. The end of season one, and all of season two, throw in a major twist and we learn a little more about what’s actually going on. It’s such a mind-twist and I love it!

The Magicians (Netflix)

Okay, this is a rewatch for me, but it’s one of my comfort shows! I’ve also read the book series (which I do think is better), but the TV show is surprisingly deep, too. It’s a show that is theoretically about magic (but not really Harry Potter-like magic), but is really about friends who become family, about loyalty and sacrifice, and about love. Also, there are some musical episodes, which is like my TV kryptonite (especially when the people can actually sing), and a few Marlee Matlin cameos! If you’re not into magic or fantasy, it might not be your thing, but I love it.

The Dropout (Hulu)

By now, it seems like everyone has heard of Elizabeth Holmes, of Theranos fame. This show does a deep dive on her whole story, and looks at how a company that never really produced anything workable was able to get so far! Amanda Seyfried is amazing as Elizabeth Holmes, showing her absolute ambition and drive. It still is just absolutely wild to me, though, how Theranos was able to raise so much money and trick so many people for so long!

Selling Sunset (Netflix)

This show scratches my reality TV addiction itch! While it is theoretically about selling real estate properties in the millions, it’s really about the drama between the agents (and sometimes the love connections, too), and the incredible, high-end fashion. I think it has gotten a little tooooo fake now, but I still can’t look away! Plus, Tan France hosted the reunion this season, which was a fun crossover.

Shining Vale (Starz)

This show is a RIDE but it’s so fun. Courtney Cox is a writer, who moves with her husband and children to a mansion outside New York City… that she later finds out is haunted. She’s having major writer’s block, until she gets inspiration from an… unexpected source. It’s kind of a mix of humor and horror, as we find out more about the ghost who is haunting the house and what she really wants.

Grace and Frankie (Netflix)

This is the second half of the final season of this show, and I’m sad to see it go, but think they were smart in wrapping up on a high note. I was late to get into this show – I just didn’t get it – but actually started watching after I peeked at my seat neighbor’s iPad screen on a flight and realized that Martin Sheen was in it! It’s just a really funny, cute show about supportive female friendship, which is something that I can always get behind. This season also had a Dolly Parton cameo, which is an immediate yes from me.

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