A New Favorite: JVN Air Dry Cream

Disclosure: I’m part of the #JVNCommunity and was gifted this product, but the review is totally and completely my own.

I tend to keep my hair care routine pretty simple – my hair can get greasy quickly, so I’m careful about adding new products and keep it minimal. Also, since I can’t actually do my hair myself, I try not to add too many steps… less chances for something to get messed up or go wrong. But I’m not completely opposed to all products, and I have a new favorite. The JVN Air Dry Cream now has a permanent place in my routine – I love it so much!

What It Is

The JVN Air Dry Cream is kind of like an extremely lightweight gel that also adds moisture and shine to your hair. It gives a very, very lightweight hold, but it doesn’t make my hair feel crunchy or sticky or anything. It has moringa seed oil in it, which helps add softness and shine to your hair. I have noticed myself touching my hair more often because I can’t get over how soft it feels! And it has squalane and hemi squalane to help with hair health, which I love since it’s been over a year (oops!) since my last haircut. Plus, it definitely helps with frizz, which I really appreciate, especially with the humid weather we’ve been having!

A few added bonuses – it smells amazing without being too overpowering, and it’s packaged in an aluminum tube to cut down on waste. It costs $24 for 5 ounces, and I’ve been using it for over a month now and still have a ton of product left.

How I Use It

I have two different ways I use this product – on wet, freshly cleaned hair, and to revive day (…or two) old waves and make them look fresh again.

On Wet Hair

I can’t do my hair myself, so when “I” use this, it’s actually either my mom or my PCA doing it for me! But I first comb out my hair, and then take a generous amount (I have a lot of hair!) and spread it through, focusing on about halfway down to the ends, but putting a little at the top near my part to keep the frizzy baby hairs at bay. And then I comb through it one more time to really distribute it. And then I just blow dry as normal (which for me, just involves turning the blow dryer on and pointing it at my head – I actually do most of the drying on my own, which means it’s nothing fancy). When I’m done, my hair is less tangled, smoother, and stays frizz-free longer. Win, win, win.

Reviving Waves

Showering – and washing / styling my hair – is something that’s not always easy for me. It requires me to have someone to shower me at the time I want to shower, and can actually be physically exhausting. So one of my favorite ways to extend the days between showering is to have someone put my hair in two French braids right out of the shower while it’s wet. I then let it dry in the braids for about 24 hours, and have really nice waves when I take them out.

But sometimes – especially when I’m traveling and showering is even more complicated – I’ll try to extend the waves for another day or two. I can pull my hair back while I sleep, but because I get lifted in and out of my chair, onto the bathroom, in and out of bed, my hair starts to get frizzy even when pulled back because it rubs against so many things. BUT! I discovered that if I apply some of the Air Dry Cream to day two (or three, or four…) waves, the cream takes away the frizz and revives the waves again!

Honestly, I feel like I stumbled on to a secret with this product, but I want to share it with all of you because it was a little bit life-changing. I know it sounds dramatic, but I feel so much more confident when my hair doesn’t look frizzy and dirty, and the JVN Air Dry Cream helps me have a great hair day even when it’s dirty. In my opinion, that’s priceless!

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