Friday Favorites

I don’t know what it is about four day work weeks, but they always feel extra-long for some reason! Even though I did spend a lot of my long weekend relaxing outside and reading, which I loved. It was a super low-key, chill weekend which was exactly what I needed. I hope you all got to enjoy some down time, too.

On to the favorites!

Mean Baby Necklace

I know – I will not shut up about how much I loved Selma Blair’s new memoir Mean Baby. It’s just so good! But this is super cool – the jewelry company Awe Inspired is selling a double-sided smiley and frowny face necklace, exactly like the one Selma talks about wearing in her book. And even better, 20% of the sales proceeds are donated to AAPD, the American Association of People with Disabilities. I love it!

Stick-on Wall Light

I got a new bed last week (a SleepNumber adjustable one, which I’m SO excited about!), and had to move some furniture around for it to fit nicely in my room. When I moved my vanity, though, I realized there was no good light source nearby and doing my makeup was a little bit of a challenge. I’m not certain the current configuration is the one that I’ll settle on, so I wanted a temporary solution that would let me see if my foundation was blended or not. I found this stick-on wall light and am actually so impressed – it’s much brighter than I thought that it would be, and has a remote so that I can turn it on and off, too!

Billie Eilish on Tourette Syndrome

I loved learning that Billie Eilish talked about having Tourette Syndrome in a recent episode of David Letterman’s Netflix show. Her openness about what it’s like for her – AND how other people react to it – is great to read about. I hope it makes people think twice in the future about visibly reacting to disability in any form.

American Royals III: Rivals

I was so excited about the release of the third book in the American Royals series that I made a reel about it (although I do love any excuse to wear my crown). The series is a YA take on what America would be like today if George Washington had become the first King of America, rather than the first President. There’s pomp and circumstance, friends and frenemies, and of course, love triangles! It’s such a fun read.

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