Friday Favorites

I spent the first half of this week in DC for a short trip, and then got back MUCH later than expected on Tuesday because our car broke down 20 minutes from home! I shared about this on Instagram, but something you may not realize is that when you use a wheelchair, a car breakdown can cause a logistical nightmare. Our minivan stopped working at an intersection and had to be towed. But we couldn’t just ride back with the tow truck, or get an Uber, because neither of those would be able to transport our wheelchair! Luckily, we have two accessible minivans and we were able to call a family friend who drove our other car out to us so we could get home. We were very lucky it all worked out, but it was a late night and I’ve spent the rest of this week trying to recover and catch up on rest. I’m definitely looking forward to sleeping in over the weekend!

And now, on to this week’s favorites.

Current Gun Control Policies Are Ableist

In things that I never thought I’d get to say – I wrote an essay for Marie Claire on why current gun control policies are ableist! It was seriously so incredible to be able to share my experiences on such a huge platform – it still feels so surreal. But of course, the most important part is helping more people realize how vulnerable disabled people are right now in active shooter situations. And hopefully, it can play a tiny part in advocating towards gun reform.

Smocked Textured Tank Dress

I still cannot get enough of smocking – I want every smocked dress that I see! This one from Madewell is super cute – I love the shorter length, the ruffled straps, and the textural pattern all over.

Elizabeth Holmes on the Jubilee

If you’re interested in the British Royal Family at all, you should definitely subscribe to Elizabeth Holmes’s newsletter So Many Thoughts. She traveled to England and got to see some of the Jubilee events in person, and did a great recap of all of them in this week’s newsletter! Absolutely worth a read.

Supergoop Play Sunscreen

My Supergoop order from their sale a few weeks ago came in, and I’m really happy to share that I’m really impressed with their Play sunscreen! It goes on so smoothly and absorbs really quickly, plus it’s not too drying or too greasy. And I didn’t get burned! I’m a fan.

Selma Blair Joining Guide Beauty

I was so excited to read that Selma Blair is joining the team at Guide Beauty! This whole interview is worth a read – I love the focus on universal design of their products, rather than calling them specifically adaptive, because they can be used by anyone! I think I’m going to pick up the eyeshadow palette – I loved that the palette has an easy open design, because I have trouble opening things so often. It’s a small thing, but it helps me be more independent and I really love how they were clearly so thoughtful and intentional with the design.

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