Friday Favorites

This was a HOT week – the temperature hit the 90s some days and it was incredibly humid! I still couldn’t resist working from my patio for a bit, but it felt like I was breathing in actual water sometimes, ha! Other than that, the week was pretty uneventful; just work as usual. Not much else to report!

And so, on to the favorites.

Lizzo’s Lyric Change

I’m now officially a Lizzo fan! Earlier this week, she shared a new song that included the lyric “spaz,” which many people might not realize is actually an ableist slur (referring to people with spastic cerebral palsy). Disabled people started sharing about this online, asking Lizzo to change the lyric so that it no longer included this word. And she did! You can read the full story in this article. Mistakes happen – no one is perfect. Lizzo handled this with such grace; it was truly a masterclass in “listening and learning.” I’m so, so impressed.

Grace Atwood’s Stationary Collaboration

This stationary collaboration between Joy Creative Shop and Grace Atwood is just so cute!! I am such a fan of personalized stationary and sending snail mail, and I love finding new, beautiful options. I think these personalized notecards are so chic, and this notepad trio is incredibly fun. I want them all!

The Friendship Files

If there’s anything the past two plus years have taught us, it’s the importance of friendships and a support system. I loved this article by the author of “The Friendship Files” about the six forces that help build and maintain friendships. It’s really interesting! I think having traditions are so fun, so I especially loved reading the “ritual” section.

Smocked Tie-Back Dress

Madewell has had so many different and cute smocked dress options recently!! I really love this one, which seems perfect for summer – fluttery sleeves, cotton gauze fabric, and a fun tie-back detail. It’s just so cute!

Use the code HEATWAVE for 30% off.

Most Anticipated Books

I’ve already added a few of the books from this “most anticipated” round up to my own personal TBR! I also have read and loved others – The Cartographers, Book Lovers, This Time Tomorrow, and The Woman in the Library. Lots of great options for your summer reading!

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