Gratitude List, June 2022

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I really love sharing this monthly gratitude list posts. Sometimes I am so quick to keep moving on to the next thing, and the next, and the next… and these posts force me to stop and reflect, which is definitely a good thing. I’m always in such a good mood when I finish writing these posts, too!

Here’s what I’m feeling grateful for right now.

My online community

Whether it’s helping me make a connection to get an article published or recommending a great new book I can’t wait to read, I am in awe of how much I’ve gotten from my online community. As someone who was not even allowed to make a MySpace page until I went away to college, I definitely never would have imagined I’ve be part of such a vibrant virtual community, but I love it so much.


My patio office is officially open again – I’ve spent so many days already working from my patio table. I would always rather be hot than cold, so I am so, so grateful that the sun has been out.


There was a stretch of weeks / months earlier this year when, because of the cold weather and the COVID surge, I didn’t go anywhere for a while. I definitely started to feel a little bit cooped up! So I really extra-appreciated my recent trip to DC – it was just so nice to be somewhere different, to eat different foods and do different things. While I often come back from trips physically tired, I also come back mentally energized!

Support for my essay

Yes, I will eventually stop talking about my Marie Claire essay, but today is not that day! I really want to mention how grateful I am for everyone’s support. I was so excited when I learned the essay would be published, but I was nervous, too! It’s a divisive topic and I know that anonymous commenters online can be harsh. But I only got one comment on my Instagram that wasn’t in favor of my essay, and it wasn’t even mean. I really, really appreciate how supportive everyone was – it meant SO much to me.

Pretty skies

I didn’t get a picture (though seemingly, everyone else in Pittsburgh did!) but I looked out my window last week and the sky was just stunningly beautiful. It made everything seem like it was bathed in that “golden hour” light – this yellowish-reddish-orangish color that just gave everything the most magical tint. I’m so glad I looked up from my computer screen to see it!

So many good books

For me, there’s really nothing quite like reading a really good book and just getting totally immersed in it – preferably with a cappuccino in hand while I’m sitting somewhere outside. I have gotten lost in SO many good books this month and it just puts me in the best mood.

What are you grateful for right now?

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