May 2022 Favorites

This was a pretty great month for me – I remembered how much happier I am in the warmth and sunshine, and spent so much time outside on the patio. Still so strange to think that this time last year, the patio didn’t even exist yet! It’s basically a permanent monthly favorite – it just makes me so happy to have that outdoor space. Here are my other favorites from this past month.

The top half of a metal patio table with an iPad mini with the cover of Mean Baby by Selma Blair visible, sitting next to a Starbucks cup and in front of a flowerpot. Trees and bushes are in the background.

Mean Baby by Selma Blair

THIS BOOK. I know I wrote about it in yesterday’s reading post, but honestly, I just loved it so, so much. I’m basically at the point where my friends and family are going to be annoyed with me soon because I keep saying that they have to read it! But Selma’s combination of humor and honesty is just so spot on – it’s an incredible memoir. A must read!

My iPad Mini

If you read yesterday’s post, you saw that I got through a LOT of books over the past month. I read them all on my new iPad mini, and I’m so obsessed. It’s the perfect size for carrying around and reading on – basically, the same size as an actual book, but so much more lightweight and easier for me to hold. I’m actually going to do a full review later this month because I think it’s so great!

Meeting My Friend’s Twins

My friend had twins in April, and I was finally able to meet them in May! So exciting – one of them actually had to be hospitalized briefly, so it felt extra special to be able to meet them after so much had happened. It’s wild to me how tiny babies are – I joked that they were basically the same size as my dog Lily (and they actually weighed the same at that point, ha). I brought them these super cute hooded towels from Hill House – they’re actually so soft that my friend’s husband thought they were too nice to be towels!

Velaris T-Shirt

I am so fully all in with my ACOTAR obsession – it’s not even an exaggeration to call it an obsession at this point! I couldn’t resist picking up this Velaris t-shirt. I love subtle merch… if you’re not an ACOTAR fan, you won’t think twice when you see this shirt, but if you are a fan, you’ll get it instantly. It’s like a little secret club and I love it!

Harry’s House

Obviously, couldn’t write a May favorites list without including the new Harry Styles music! I’m just a big fan – his music is fun, and addicting, and this album is a great summer soundtrack. I’ve listened on repeat more than a few times.

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