An Amazing Primer for Oily Skin

I tend to keep my day-to-day makeup pretty simple – I don’t like to look too fully made up. Sometimes, though, I want to look a little more polished, and when that happens, I need something to help keep my incredibly oily skin at bay. I recently found a new product that works amazingly well at controlling oil and blurring pores – the Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder from Danessa Myricks Beauty.

Heather is holding the Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder from Danessa Myricks Beauty up in front of her in her bathroom and smiling.

About the Blurring Balm

My current foundation is this cream foundation stick, and I really do love it. It’s super easy to apply and blend, you can get different coverage levels depending on how much you put on, and it lasts all day. And while the it’s not a glowy finish by any means, a few hours after I apply it, my oil starts to show through. On a normal day, I don’t mind – I either just deal or blot it away. But there are days when I want to look a little more done-up – I want some pore blurring, and I don’t want to have to blot every few hours. That’s where the Blurring Balm comes in.

I’ve used a lot of different primers over the years, but I’ve never really found one that was worth the extra effort it took to apply it.There was a Becca one that I really liked, but it was so thick – I didn’t even have enough strength to squeeze it out of the tube by myself – and it was a lot of work to apply it correctly. But Blurring Balm doesn’t have any of those issues! It comes as a solid disc, with a little spoon built into the lid so you don’t have to contaminate the product with your fingers each time you put put it on. I was worried it might be really solid, and that I’d have a hard time scooping it out, but that absolutely wasn’t the case – it almost melted into the spoon as soon as it touched.

Heather is in front of a mirror in her bathroom, putting on the Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder from Danessa Myricks Beauty.

How I Use the Blurring Balm

When it comes to actually applying it, less is absolutely more! The first time I used it, I scooped way too much out and had a ton left on the little spoon. Now, I scrape sparingly, and put it on my face little by little. I think the instructions technically say to pat, but that’s hard for my physically, so I just lightly rub / sweep it on with my fingers. I put it on my forehead, my nose, my cheeks, and chin… so basically, my whole face, but I don’t actually put on a layer of it like I would with foundation. I start near to the middle of my face, where I’m oiliest, and then smooth it outwards.

When I put my foundation on afterwards, it goes on so much more smoothly than usual – and I need less of it, too. My face still gets a little oily throughout the day – nothing can totally get rid of it – but it doesn’t look as shiny, and the pores definitely look more blurred all day long. Basically, my skin just looks really nice and smooth, even if I’ve been outside in the 80-plus degree heat!

It comes in a translucent shade, and then 10 other shades with color. I use the lightest tinted one. I am using it as a primer under my foundation, but I actually think you could also wear it on it’s own – it blends in well, and gives just enough coverage and blurring effect to give a natural but smoothed look. It’s super versatile.

The Danessa Myricks Blurring Balm is just such a game changer for me – it now has a permanent spot in my makeup routine.

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