Friday Favorites

Honestly… this week has felt long. I think I’m both tired, overwhelmed, and feeling a little stir-crazy all at the same time? I do have plans for a dinner this weekend on the patio of one of my favorite Pittsburgh restaurants, so I’m looking forward to that. Other than that, I have a chill weekend planned, which I think should be a great balance of going out and staying in.

On to this week’s favorites!

J.Crew Sale

Okay, J.Crew has an amazing sale on their sale items going on right now… 50% off one item, 60% off two items, and 70% off three of more items. There are SO MANY cute things – I especially like this patchwork a-line dress and this linen smocked dress.

Disabled People + Reproductive Rights

I continue to love Teen Vogue for always covering the intersection of current issues with disability! This is a great article about how we need to remember to center disabled people in the conversation about reproductive rights, because we’ve never had full autonomy.

Late Night Talking Video

Obviously I had to include the new Harry Styles music video for his song Late Night Talking! The song is so infectious and the video is equally fun. I do wish that he’d add captions to his video, though!

The Wheelchair Repair Industry

I’ve been meaning to share this article for a few weeks! This is a deep dive into the monopolies that exist in the wheelchair repair industry… and how it can mean loooong wait times for disabled people. I’ve been lucky in that my emergency repairs have typically been handled quickly, but less pressing replacements of parts can take a WHILE. And people don’t seem to understand that if my wheelchair doesn’t work, I am absolutely, one hundred percent stuck.

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