Friday Favorites

I can’t believe that we’re at the end of July – how did that happen?! Disability Pride Month may be coming to a close, but not to worry – next month is SMA Pride Month, so the disability-related content isn’t going anywhere! I have a few SMA-related posts planned already, but let me know if there’s something in particular you want to read about.

On to this week’s favorites.

Mrs. Anderson’s Classroom Amazon Wishlist

I’m sharing another teacher wishlist this week! Mrs. Anderson says: “I teach in a rural school district. Students rely on a bookmobile to have access to books. I would love to have enough books to check out books to students to actually take home (I don’t have enough to do that now). I’ve taught for 8 years and every year I teach Shakespeare to 12-13 year olds and having them attend a real, in person performance. I also really want an inclusive classroom library that showcases ALL voices.” I love the commitment to inclusion! If you’re able, please help clear her list.

Julie Andrews Breaks Down Her Career

Love Julie Andrews! This is a delightful little journey through her acting history – including, of course, her iconic roles in The Sound of Music… and The Princess Diaries! This is a great reminder for me that I have had her memoir on my to-read list for a very long time.

Why I’m Not Reading Where the Crawdads Sing

On the topic of books… this article is a good explainer for why I’m not reading Where the Crawdads Sing, or watching the movie. It’s really surprising to me how this story is kind of being swept under the rug as the movie and book get more and more press, but I do think it’s important to share.

Zebra Striped Dress

I hit “add to cart” SO quickly when I saw this dress! Love the zebra print, love the mini length (which will be knee length on me, if not longer), and love the little keyhole in the front. Everything about it is so cute!

Molly Burke and Trevor Noah

I have been watching Molly Burke’s YouTube videos for years, so I was SO excited to see that she was on The Daily Show! Molly is blind and shares videos about her life – often funny, but also honest about the stereotypes and discrimination that blind people face every day. Her interview is so great, and it’s clear that Trevor Noah really put in the work ahead of time to understand Molly’s life and her work. Just really incredible; highly recommend this!

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