Gratitude List, July 2022

This week has been kind of exhausting – I’m just tired and a little bit overwhelmed with everything, and yet nothing in particular. So it seemed like the perfect time to write a gratitude list, because I think I could use the reminder myself of the good things going on. So here, in no particular order, is what I’m grateful for right now.

My Disability Community

With July being Disability Pride Month, I’m feeling immensely grateful for the disabled community that I’ve found online. This community is something that I didn’t have, or wasn’t really closely connected to, for so many years, and it means so much to me that I have it now.

Dinner Actually At a Restaurant

Pittsburgh has more outdoor dining options than they used to, but it’s still kind of limited, and with COVID I’ve been trying to avoid eating indoors and restaurants. So making it back to Senti for an incredible dinner over the weekend is something that I’m SO grateful for. I’ve done lots of takeout, but as good as takeout is, nothing beats actually eating out at a restaurant.

We were actually celebrating a few birthdays at dinner, including my dad’s, whose actual birthday is today. Happy birthday, Dad!

Travel Plans

With my current level of exhaustion, I’m really dreaming about getting away. I’m very grateful that I have some travel left this summer – even though it can be tiring for me to travel, there’s still something about it that just totally mentally refreshes me.

Lily Being Lily

Earlier this week, Lily found a bone (from who knows when, honestly) and became OBSESSED. She carried it around, kept gnawing on it, and would not let it out of her sight. I’m always grateful for her, her snuggles and kisses, and her funny puppy quirks.

Headspace + Equilibria

With as tired and worn out as I’ve been feeling, getting good sleep is super super important. So my magic combination of the Equilibria CBD drops plus a Headspace sleepcast to help me fall asleep easily and quickly are key. I am so grateful for deep sleep!

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  1. Callan

    This is a great reminder to take stock of what I’m thankful for. Thanks for sharing your gratitude list!

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