Friday Favorites

Going back to work after vacation is always rough – this week just felt extra long! I had so much fun in Charleston, but it is a long drive (more on that in another post, actually!) and drives are rough for me, physically! So I feel like I am kind of recovering this week. I also had to catch up on lots of e-mails and dive right back into a big project at work, so I’m just tired all around! I also feel like I need to really sit down this weekend and make some to-do lists to get back in control of things. So to-do lists and rest are in my future for the weekend.

Here are my favorites from this week!

What Flying is Like for Wheelchair Users

I loved this profile that The New York Times did on Charles Brown, who uses a wheelchair, and his recent trip he took while flying. It was really in-depth and showed so many of the flaws that currently exist for disabled people when they travel. It’s really cool to see this issue make it to such a big platform – hopefully, it helps to make change happen a little more quickly. This is definitely worth a read!

Sarah Flint Fall New Arrivals

Okay, I’m obsessed with the new Sarah Flint fall arrivals – especially the espresso embellished croc Natalie Sling! I feel like the Natalie Sling is the perfect way to take a flat and dress it up just a little bit with the slingback without sacrificing any of the comfort. And the espresso shade is the perfect chic alternative to black to take you into the fall. Love!

You can use my code SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERREPORT for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flints!

Donate to Alice Wong

Alice Wong is one of the disability justice leaders who I look up to and admire so much. She had a series of medical crises happen over the summer, and now is recovering at home with a new trach and feeding tube, which requires a higher level of care. Unfortunately, she was told that her only options were to live at home and rely solely on her parents as caregivers, or to go live in an institution – neither of which were a viable or just option for her! So she’s raising funds to allow her to pay for care out of pocket and continue to live in the community. If you’re able, please consider donating and/or sharing. The system is so broken – she should not have to fundraise to pay for her care!

MZ Wallace Travel Bag

Okay, I know I don’t technically need another travel bag, but wow do I want this MZ Wallace bag! I love the size, the pockets, the quilting… basically everything. It’s definitely outside my budget, which is why I haven’t pulled the plug on purchasing it just yet, but it looks so perfect.

ChappyWrap Warehouse Sale

Today is the final day of the ChappyWrap warehouse sale! ChappyWraps are my absolute favorite blanket – I even bring one with me when I travel! There are so many great options included in the sale – especially this herringbone light blue one (which I own!) and this striped one, too.

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