July 2022 Favorites

I’m back with my favorite things from July – some things I did, some things that I bought, and some things that I ate, too. This month has been BUSY so it’s nice to go back and revisit these high points from the month to remind myself there were moments that I didn’t feel stressed and overwhelmed! Let me know what your favorites were from the last month, too.

Dinner at Senti

Senti is one of my favorite restaurants in Pittsburgh – the owners are so nice and always come out to say hello, the food is beyond delicious, and the little patio is so cute and just the perfect place for a meal. I’ve still been limiting my times going out to restaurants, and really trying to only eat outside, which is sometimes challenging to find in Pittsburgh, so it had been a while since I’d had a meal out. This was just such a perfect meal and a great night, and really reminded me how much I love going out to eat. I’m going to make sure I make it back at least once before the weather turns!

Kitsch Hair Ties

My hair is super thick and super long, and I struggle to find hair ties that can actually hold the weight of it up without sagging and sliding down my head. I had bought a set from Amazon a few years ago that I became obsessed with, but they stopped selling them and every replacement set I tried was slightly off. I saw Hitha posting about Kitsch and decided to give them a try after browsing their website – and they’re perfect! I use the “thick” ones, and they’re definitely not small, but they work so well. They’re almost the same material as panty hose / nylons – they’re stretchy and the material kind of rolls up on itself – but they don’t ever snap on me like normal hair ties do, and they hold their stretch for sooo much longer than normal. I’m definitely planning to stock up!

My Post on Books with Disability

I was really excited to (finally!) be able to write this post about books with disabled or chronically ill characters, or written by disabled or chronically ill authors, or both. It’s just so hugely meaningful to feel seen in the stories that I’m reading – to be able to feel that sense of shared community that comes with representation. And I hope that non-disabled people will read the books, too – these aren’t just stories for disabled people!

Below Deck on Bravo

After watching basically every other show that Bravo airs, I decided that it was finally time to start my Below Deck journey. If you’re not familiar, Below Deck is a reality show about the crew on super expensive chartered yachts – like the Housewives or Southern Charm, but set at sea! It’s so much fun to watch and extremely bingeable – and because there is changeover in the crew from season to season, I don’t find myself getting too annoyed with any particular crew member. If you’re looking for an easy to watch show, I highly recommend.

My Apple Watch

I’ve had an Apple Watch for a long time now, and I really love it – but I had my first one for years and the battery finally gave out a few months ago. I tried to hold off a bit on replacing it because it is NOT cheap, but found myself really missing it! I was able to get a great deal on the latest version during Prime Day, and I’m loving it. It’s just so convenient to not have to look at my phone every single time I get an e-mail or text. There’s also lots of new health features that I’m still learning about – being able to check my oxygen level is a fun little bonus, as someone who has very weak lungs. Seeing it on my wrist again just makes me happy.

Millie’s Ice Cream

Over the Fourth of July weekend, we went for a little walk on one of the city’s trails, and then stopped for ice cream later at Millie’s, a local ice cream store. There was a looooong line – probably 15 minutes or so? – but WOW was it worth it. It just perfectly hit the spot on a warm summer night. One of those little summer moments that just feels so relaxed and leisurely.

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