Alivia Floral Sweater

Thank you to Alivia for gifting me this sweater! They didn’t ask me to post about them, but I’m writing this because I’m so excited to share the company and their mission with all of you!

Right now, finding clothing and fashion brands that support and include disability is rare – finding brands that go beyond that to fully embrace disability and really make it a part of their whole ethos is even rarer! Which is why I’m so excited to share this super cute sweater today from Alivia, and tell you a little more about them, too.

Before I talk about this adorable sweater, I want to share a little more about Alivia. They’re unique in that all of their designs are based on artwork done by people with developmental or intellectual disabilities in art therapy programs. The artists are paid for the use of their art, the designers at Alivia work to turn the art into a design, and then 10% of the profits go back toward each artist’s art therapy program.

I truly love every single part of this – the fact that the disabled artists are paid for the use of their art, and the fact that 10% of the proceeds go back to the art therapy program, too. It’s incredibly rare that disabled people are fairly compensated for their work in cases like this, but Alivia makes sure that they are! And by donating proceeds back to the art therapy programs, they’re giving programs that are historically underfunded a new revenue stream. It’s all really important and really rare, too.

Not only do I love Alivia’s mission, I also love their clothes! This sweater is absolutely perfect for this transitional weather – it’s 100% cotton and not too heavy, so it’s perfect on its own or thrown over an outfit for a chillier night. I also love the slightly oversized fit – it’s not baggy, but not tight, either. I’m wearing the XS and it’s just the right amount of loose.

And the design! How gorgeous is this teal color, and the embroidered floral print?! I love it so much. The detail of the embroidery is truly incredible – it’s actually hand embroidered! The package they send also includes a mini-print of the original artwork, so it’s fun to look and see how the art was translated into the final design.

I love when I’m able to highlight a brand that truly cares about disabilities – Alivia absolutely fits in that category. I hope you love them as much as I do!

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