Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Since this is my birthday week, it’s been a good week for me. I actually celebrated my birthday last weekend, but did take the afternoon off on Wednesday to get a just-for-fun blowout at Drybar – and then came home to a delivery of delicious Milk Bar Pie. And this weekend I’m actually headed to the Family House Polo Match at Hartwood Acres! I went last year and had the best time, so I’m super excited to go back this year too, and the weather looks like it should be perfect. I can’t wait!

On to the favorites.

Wax Seal Stamp Kit

I love sending handwritten letters – It makes me feel so adult, and it’s just more fun than sending an e-mail! I recently added this wax seal stamp kit to my collection to make my letter writing just a little fancier. It’s not necessary… but it is fun!


I’ve been working with the #BeKind21 project on Instagram – it promotes doing an act of kindness every day in September, from the 1st through the 21st. I think kindness is something that everyone could use a little more of these days! I’d love for you to check out the calendar and join in on spreading kindness for the rest of the 21 days.

Six the Musical on Tiny Desk

Six is one of the musicals I’m most excited to see next year when their tour stops in Pittsburgh! It’s the story of the six wives / ex-wives of Henry VIII, told from their points-of-view and set to pop music a la the Spice Girls. It’s so much fun to listen to! They did a Tiny Desk concert and now I’m even more excited to see the show, which I didn’t realize was possible!

Zebra Print Cardigan

This week was the first week where there was a hint of cool in the air – it felt like fall actually might be coming. So I’ve been browsing even more fall clothes, of course. I love that J.Crew has been doing more animal prints lately – how cute is this zebra print cozy cardigan?

Jennifer Lawrence in Vogue

I really love this interview that Jennifer Lawrence did in Vogue. I think it really shows the personal side of her – how she, like many of us, is grappling with how to come to terms with friends and family members who have different views. She just comes across as honest and unfiltered, and it’s refreshing to read.

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  1. Clare

    I love Tiny Desk! Checking that one out for sure. Have a good weekend and Happy Birthday!!

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