Friday Favorites

It has been a WEEK for me! We had a huge event at work and it has been incredibly busy getting everything prepped and ready to go. I am very much looking forward to things hopefully slowing down a bit next week. On the plus side, yesterday was apparently National Coffee Day, which is basically something that I celebrate every single day!

For as busy as I was this week, I feel like I also did a lot of online browsing – so here are my favorites from this week.

Switch Adapted Toy Drive Wishlist

TechOWL PA – Pennsylvania’s assistive tech center at Temple University – is doing a switch adapted toy drive for the holidays this year, and could use your help clearing their Amazon wishlist! When they say switch adapted toy, they don’t mean Nintendo Switch – they mean taking toys and adding a “switch” onto them that helps them be controlled / played with in an adapted way. In their words: “Every year we adapt toys for kids for the holiday season. Often times switch adapted toys cost 5-10 times the price of a traditional toy. This is a huge financial burden on families, so we partner with local childrens hospitals and school to give children with unique access needs a toy that fits their needs for free! We 3D print and make all the switches with volunteers and students.”

If you’re able, please help them clear their wishlist!

Olive & June Christmas Calendar

I know, I know… it’s still September and I just typed the word Christmas. It’s too soon!! But Christmas and Advent calendars tend to sell out really quickly, and this one from Olive & June is too good to miss. It has seven mini pretty polishes and so many other fun mini goodies to try out and have fun with!

Dating with a Chronic Illness

It is so cool to me that The New York Times published an article about dating with a chronic illness / while disabled. There’s still such a stigma against people with disabilities or chronic illnesses dating, so seeing the issue covered by such a major publication is just really important. Especially because the article started out with this quote: “When Hannah Foote, a 22-year-old marketing professional from Phoenix, shared “disability rights” as a social issue she supports, the responses she received were revealing: Matches called her “a saint” for caring about disabled people, she said. They were unaware that she lives with her own debilitating illness.” Definitely recommend reading this piece!

Alivia Smocked Top

Alivia released some of their new fall prints, and I’m obsessed with this new print on their smocked Kaley top. First of all, the print is named “Giraffe Joy Multi,” which was basically enough for me to know that I’d love it. But they did an amazing job turning it into a beautiful, animal-inspired watercolor-like print in the prettiest blues and purples. I’m just in love with it!

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