I’m 34!

I’m 34 today! Last year I talked about being more comfortable in myself and my life the older I get, and that’s still true. But I think that the word that comes to mind this year when I think about me and my life is content.

Now, more than ever, I am happy about where I am in my life. I have a job that lets me put my passion for disability advocacy to work – and allows me to work from home. I have this space, and my Instagram, where I’m able to share disability things, plus cute dresses I like and books that I’ve read. I have a really supportive group of friends and family who are always there to cheer me on. I just feel like I’m in a really good place.

That’s not to say that there aren’t still things that I want to do! I still have dreams and goals and things to work towards. Being content, at least in my mind, doesn’t mean being stagnant. I am working hard to grow my blog and my Instagram – it feels like of strange to write about that here, but I love the work I do and I would also love for it to grow! I still want to finish a draft of the book I’ve been dreaming of writing this year… I got a little bit off track over the summer but am feeling motivated to get back to work on it. But I feel good about the things that I want to work on – I feel like the direction I’m moving in is right. I’m happy with it.

I think some of this contentedness is also because I’m (slowly, but surely) getting better at balance. I’ve realized that it’s okay to miss a day posting every once in a while – if my body is telling me that I need a break, it’s okay to listen to it. I can work hard and still take a day off over the weekend to read all day instead of frantically trying to write posts. I understand that rest, and balance, make me a better person overall – and that ambition and progress shouldn’t come at the cost of being exhausted all the time.

Thirty three was a pretty great year for me – I’m hoping that thirty four has more goodness in store.

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