Friday Favorites

This week has been a little bit calmer for me after a few very busy weeks at work! I don’t talk a lot about my “day job” on here, but I work at a university Center focused on research and programming for unpaid family caregivers. It’s pretty cool to be able to combine my professional life with my personal one like this, and this past weekend I got to virtually present – with my mom! – to a group of researchers and practitioners about the real, day-to-day life experiences of family caregiving. It was pretty cool!

And in other exciting things in my life, I’m going to see Frozen the Musical tomorrow night! It has been so long since I’ve seen a live show and I’m really really excited. I can’t wait to be transported to a magical winter wonderland… as long as I can leave the snow behind in the theater and not see it in real life for quiteeee a while.

And now, on to my favorites from this week!

ChappyWrap Shawls are Back

Good news – ChappyWrap has brought their shawls back for the season! I bought one last year and love it. I have the navy, but they have so many color options this year! It’s a little bit lighter weight and still super soft. It’s great to throw on as a shawl, or wrap around like a scarf. I know I’ll be throwing mine on when we have our next backyard fire!

Sign Up to be a Poll Worker

I just applied for my mail-in ballot this week to make sure I vote in the November election! I hope that you all plan to vote too – whether early, mail-in, or in person – but there’s more you can do to be involved in the election. All on the Line is partnering with Power to the Polls to get more volunteers to work the polls on Election Day! The polls are routinely understaffed, and it’s SO important to have trusted people working the polls. If you’re able, please consider signing up! There’s a super easy form on the website. I don’t need to tell you how important this election is.

A Deadly Education (The Scholomance Series)

I have spent almost every spare second this week reading this series after my friend Sophia posted about it on Instagram. It’s set in a magical boarding school where every year, it’s a battle for students to make it out alive. I don’t want to go into a full-blown book review here, but there’s drama, there’s intrigue, there’s love… it’s incredible. I could not put it down! It’s a perfect “spooky season” read, too.

Inclusion on the Coldplay Tour

I actually saw this for the first time over the summer, but I forgot to share it! When Coldplay announced their recent tour, they also promoted what they’re doing to make their concerts more inclusive and accessible. It’s so cool to see such a huge band highlight accessibility at concerts! I hope it prompts more artists to follow their lead. They also offer a dedicated access e-mail address, which I love – it makes it so much easier to get in touch and ask specific accessibility questions, which are never answered in enough detail on FAQ pages.

Abercrombie Sale

Abercrombie currently has 30% off sweaters / fleeces, and 15% off almost everything else on the site, too! I’ve been really impressed by Abercrombie lately. I especially love this camel checkboard polo sweater and this patterned babydoll mini dress.

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