Friday Favorites

This has been a WEEK for me – nothing major, just lots of little things that added up and made this week feel extremely long. So I’m extremely glad that it’s Friday, and that I have a relaxing weekend planned. I know this might not sound like the most exciting, but I am actually very much looking forward to it! I know that it’s what my body really needs, and so I’m leaning in to the rest.

With that in mind, here are my favorites from this past week.

Hotel Lobby New York Candle

I ordered the newest Hotel Lobby Candle – their New York scent – as soon as it launched, and as usual, I am not disappointed. It is the perfect fall scent – not overpowering at all, but just so cozy. It makes me want to curl up with a blanket and a book! And as usual, Hotel Lobby is my favorite because they are one of the rare candle brands that don’t give me an instant headache from the scent.

The Last Word: Angela Lansbury

Wow, how amazing is this – Angela Lansbury recorded a video interview with The New York Times in 2010, with the understanding that it wouldn’t be published until her death. She will forever be Mrs. Potts to me, but it was so interesting to learn more about her and the rest of her life.

Leopard Slippers

I love how cute and cozy these leopard print faux-shearling lined slippers are! They look perfect for lounging around the house in these cooler temperatures. And they’re currently on sale for just under $50.

John Fetterman in New York Magazine

Rather than reading the (ableist!!) commentary surrounding John Fetterman’s use of captions in his recent on-air interview, read this cover story from the New York Magazine. I honestly really appreciate him talking about his stroke recovery, and his challenges and frustrations – it makes me feel seen in a way that doesn’t happen often in politics!

Cashmere and Wool Sweater

I love the stitching and the cashmere-wool blend in this sweater from Summersalt! The mix-stitch design almost makes it look like it’s patterned and adds such a fun detail. The blue is such a beautiful shade, and I love the subtle balloon sleeve, too. Plus, the wool and cashmere blend are guaranteed to be warm and cozy!

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