Friday Favorites

It really feels like the fall is just flying by – I’m not sure how it’s already almost the end of October! I can’t say that I’m loving the chillier weather, but I am really leaning into all things warm and cozy – a ChappyWrap, lighting my New York Hotel Lobby Candle, and reading or watching TV. There’s something about that whole routine that feels a little bit luxurious!

I have some friends coming to Pittsburgh this weekend, so I’m looking forward to that – fingers crossed that the weather holds for a Solo Stove patio fire tonight! That is definitely the plus of fall for me – I love a good fire with s’mores and mountain pies! It should be lots of fun.

Here are my favorites from the week.

LAKE Holiday Pajamas

I know that it’s still October, but LAKE released their holiday pajama prints a week or two ago and they’re so cute! This Nutcracker print set is so much fun, and you can’t go wrong with a classic red striped set. But my favorite is this Starry Night print! And I love that you can order matching and coordinating pajamas for the whole family, too.

People We Meet on Vacation Coming to Screens

I love Emily Henry and loved this book – I can’t wait to see how it translates to the big screen! I’m honestly excited to see a rom-com be developed into a movie, rather than a thriller or sci-fi book – it feels like it’s been a while! I don’t always love a book to movie translation (I’m too picky!) but I have high hopes for this one.

Hill House Holiday

This was an exciting Hill House collection for me personally because they released a completely sequin covered dress, which I had to have in my closet. Do I have anywhere to wear it yet? Absolutely not – but the plans will come once I have the dress! There are also some great classic holiday tartan options, too – the Ellie and Louisa are both so cute!

Two Great Podcast Interviews

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a huge podcast person, but I listened to two episodes this week that I loved! The first was Grace Atwood on How’d She Do That, where she shares all about her career and how she got to where she is today – it’s a fun peek behind the curtain. And the second is Venita Aspen on Beck and Call. Venita is not only on Southern Charm but is also a great disability ally, and she talks about adaptive fashion! Both are worth a listen.

Doctors Don’t Want Disabled Patients

I don’t like to end on such a low note, but I do think this article is worth reading. The headline – and the contents – aren’t really shocking to me, but it’s still not fun to read. I know that the real issues are complex – the number of patients doctors have to see a day, insurance billing requirements, etc. – but the way this article reads to me is really rough, and frankly, inhumane.

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