Gratitude List, October 2022

This is another one of those months – I had already planned to write this post today, but focusing on gratitude was a reminder that I sorely needed! I mentioned that last week was rough – just lots of little things going wrong – and it’s so easy to get caught up in that. But letting myself dwell on the negative never actually makes me feel any better – if anything, it makes me feel down for longer! It’s fake it until you make it in a way, except I’m not faking it – just reminding myself that there is still a lot of good amidst the bad.

So here’s what I’m feeling grateful for right now.


One of last week’s complications was that my personal care attendant had a family emergency and had to call off. Not her fault at all! But it just makes things a little more complicated. (There is a lot I could say here about the crisis in caregiving right now, but that’s an issue for another time.) Anyway, in addition to lots of other logistical challenges, it also makes me showering schedule a little more complex. So I am feeling very very grateful for Drybar, where I can get my hair washed and styled without having to get out of my wheelchair. It takes away a lot of stress on weeks like the last one!

My Lake Pajamas

I mentioned that I’ve been needing extra rest lately, which means I’ve been spending more time in bed, and more time in my pajamas. I am super grateful to have discovered LAKE pajamas a few years ago, and to have built up a nice collection of them. They are just so soft and cozy and feel perfect not only for sleeping, but also for lounging in your bed for a few hours.

Leaves Turning Colors

I do not love fall, because it means that winter is juuuust around the corner. But obviously, fall is inevitable whether or not I’m a fan – so at least I get to see the absolutely beautiful and vibrant leaves we’ve had change color lately. I honestly think it was only in the last week or so that things really started to hit their peak – I was driving to a doctor’s appointment last week and the trees along one stretch of the drive were just so bright and colorful and pretty! It really felt like driving through a postcard picture.

My Foot Warmer

Okay, this is such a little luxury but it brings me so much joy. My bed has a built in foot warmer that heats just the foot of the bed. I love it so much! Now that nights are a little bit chillier, it’s just the perfect way to warm up my perpetually-cold feet so they don’t keep me awake while I’m laying in bed. There is really nothing better.


When I’m worn out, even chewing can be more difficult – you use muscles to chew, and when I’m tired, it’s harder to use all my muscles! So I look for foods that are easy for me to eat (and that are delicious, too, obviously). My go-to in times like these (and, truthfully, anytime) is Mola! It is the best sushi in Pittsburgh, in my opinion, and it’s something that I can basically always eat easily, which is something I’m especially grateful for right now.

What are you grateful for right now?

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