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For as much as I love beauty and skincare, I don’t post about it that much. Typically, I have a very tried-and-true routine with both my makeup and my skincare, and don’t deviate from it too much. I have my skin figured out right now, but in my teens and twenties I had to be very very careful about the products I used, which led to me being very hesitant to use anything outside of my normal routine.

Now that I have my skin a little more figured out, though, I have a better sense of what will and what won’t work for my skin. And a few of my makeup staples were also discontinued in the last few months! So it seemed like a great time to share some recent makeup and skincare products I’ve bought and loved recently.

Skincare and Haircare

I’ve added a few new skincare and haircare products into my routine lately! The first is this Necessaire body wash that I bought after seeing everyone rave over it on Instagram, and let me tell you, it does not disappoint. I got the sandalwood scented body wash, and WOW, it smells so incredibly good. Plus, it leaves me skin feeling so soft every time I use it. I’ve already repurchased once and have no plans to stop!

When I met up with Grace in Charleston, she gifted me a lovely bag of goodies to try out, one of which was the Biossance Resurfacing Night Serum. It is just great – it’s actually effective without being too rough on my skin! I use it a few times a week (whenever I’m not using my Drunk Elephant Resurfacing Night Serum) and my skin just feels softer, looks brighter, and any acne scars I have seem to fade faster, too. One pump is enough to cover my whole face, so even though it’s pricey, it lasts quite a while.

My new haircare products are the new shampoo and condition from JVN’s hair line! I’ve been so impressed with the products that I’ve tried so far. I’m currently using the Undamage shampoo and conditioner, which have left my hair so silky soft but not overly weighed down. When those run out I want to try the Embody shampoo and conditioner, because the JVN Hair pros told me that line can help with oily hair.

Good news! You can use my code JVNHeatherTom for 20% off JVN Hair products!


For my day-to-day makeup, I very much rely on the same simple products – a foundation, blush, mascara, and eyebrow gel. Nothing fancy, but just enough to feel put together. I ran out of both my mascara and eyebrow gel at the same time, only to find out that both were discontinued or so out of stock I was worried it’d be discontinued soon, too. So after trying a few different options for both, I landed on two that I really love.

The mascara is from Lancome – it’s Lash Idole. It has a silicone brush, which I don’t always love, but works really well with this formulation. I feel like it really coats all my lashes, and doesn’t clump or smudge throughout the day. Plus, it’s still easy to remove at night – no need for waterproof-strength remover! The eyebrow gel is from Kosas, and I’m really obsessed with it. They have enough shade options that I was able to find one that matches my natural brows perfectly! It adds color and volume but still looks natural – I have a decently strong brow to begin with, so I don’t need anything too heavy! And again, it’s really simple to remove at the end of the day. Nice and easy breezy.

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