Accidentally Adaptive: StriVectin Neck Serum Roller

I am very into the skincare that I put on my face – I have a routine that I use, I love reading about new products and ingredients and their efficacy, and I’m always searching for the next amazing product. But I have largely ignored my neck up until now. I know it might sound silly, but I recently saw some pictures of a woman who had applied sunscreen to her face daily for decades but not to her neck… and the results were shocking, to say the least.

Up until recently, the issue has been that I don’t actually have the mobility and the dexterity to put any products on my neck! I struggle enough with my face – I have to lean, and position, and reach in juuuuust the right way to be able to apply my skincare to my face, since I can’t actually lift my arm in the air off my armrest. While I don’t have to worry about lifting to reach my neck, it’s just an awkward angle for me. I can only use my left hand for things like this, so I could put products on the right side of my neck easily… but just can’t quite apply things on the left side. And I’m not willing to experiment with what my neck will look like 10 years from now with products only on half of it!

But then, while I was browsing the Sephora last month in preparation for their holiday sale, I found this StriVectin Peptight Tightening Neck Serum Roller! I bought it during the sale with fingers crossed and high hopes, and it has met (and exceeded!) all of those hopes. It’s a neck cream with a built in roller, so I can actually use it and apply to both halves of my neck! It’s super easy to use, too – you just twist the top to unlock it, squeeze it to get some product to start to come out, and then use the built-in roller to spread it all over your neck. I was worried that the unlocking or the squeezing were going to be too hard for my limited strength, but I was actually able to do both of those with no issue at all! And the roller part worked smoothly and effortlessly to spread the cream across my neck.

Of courses, I also appreciate that it’s actually effective! The cream absorbs into my neck so nicely, and while nothing but retinol is going to actually get rid of wrinkles, it will help with fine lines that come from skin dehydration. And there’s lots of evidence for the benefits of peptides on the skin! My neck feels so smooth and soft after I use it.

And obviously – the built-in roller makes it easier for everyone to use! It feels so nice and it’s like a mini lymphatic drainage massage. But it’s an added bonus that for anyone with limited mobility in their hands, the built-in roller turns the StriVectin Neck Serum from an inaccessible product to to an accessible one!

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