Friday Favorites

Happy November! I can’t believe how close we are getting to the end of the year. Last Friday I got my COVID booster and flu shot, so I’m going into the fall and winter with the best protection possible. This is your reminder to get your vaccines too if you haven’t yet – it’s not too late!

On to this week’s favorites.

Carly’s ChappyWraps

My love of ChappyWraps is no secret! How cute is the mini holiday Carly x ChappyWrap collection? The bows are especially cute, and I’m really into the green houdstooth – it’s not too Christmas-y and is so classic.

Gisele Fetterman in Vogue

I looove this piece on Gisele Fetterman in Vogue! She’s John Fetterman’s wife, but she’s also such an incredible force on her own – she’s done so much good in Pittsburgh and beyond. I’m just continually impressed by the work that she does not to gain fame or notoriety but just to help people. This quote, especially, shows that she just gets it: “Gisele says she’d like to encourage those questioning her husband’s fitness to “think of any young disabled person who is hearing that and saying, ‘I’ll never run for office because I don’t want to have to deal with that.’ You know, that’s real damage.””

Burgundy Velvet Pumps

Okay, these latest Sarah Flint pumps are beyond gorgeous – the deep burgundy, the rich velvet, and the beautiful embellishment by the toe! If you’re looking for a statement holiday shoe, I can’t imagine a more perfect pair. Don’t forget to use SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERREPORT for $50 off your first pair!

Selena Gomez: My Mind & Me

I don’t know much about Selena Gomez, but this interview made me want to watch her documentary and learn more about her! Rather than a typical tour documentary, she really opened up and got vulnerable about her life and what she’s dealt with – the good and the bad. I can’t imagine the courage it took to me this open on such a huge platform, but I’m really looking forward to watching.

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