Friday Favorites

As much as I love the “extra” hour from changing the clocks back last weekend, the much-earlier darkness is really throwing me right now! I’m writing this at 5:30 PM and it basically feels like 8:30 PM because of how dark it is outside. I’m actually a night owl so I don’t mind the longer evenings, really, but the adjustment still takes some getting used to.

Anyway – here are some of my favorites from this week.

Disabled Ornaments from Target

How cute are these little fabric ornaments from Target’s Wondershop?! I love the inclusion – the bear, the mouse, and the person all are using a wheelchair! There is some wrapping paper that has people who use wheelchairs on it, too, but it wasn’t available to ship for me. It’s so cool and I was so excited to buy these.

Cosmopolitan 2022 C-Suite Honorees

How amazing is it that my friend Hitha Palepu was named one of Cosmopolitan’s 2022 C-suite honorees!! I love her and the incredible work that she does. I especially love that she talks about the importance of making medications affordable, and about the importance of advocating for yourself at your most vulnerable (when you’re experiencing a health crisis). I could not agree more!

Bloodmarked is Out

In the chaos of Election Day and watching the returns, I forgot to celebrate Tuesday as the publication day for Bloodmarked – the sequel to Legendborn. Bloodmarked is one of those sequels that does not disappoint – it lives up to the hype, and lived up to my immense expectations. I received it in my Recent Reads post, and what I said there is still true – if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend reading both Legendborn and Bloodmarked!

Dominic West in The Crown

Elizabeth Holmes wrote this great piece talking to Dominic West about portraying (now) King Charles on The Crown. I’m about halfway through the newest season, and when West says that he’s a fan of King Charles, I think you can really see that in his portrayal. I can’t wait to watch the rest of the season!

ChappyWrap x Boston Children’s Hospital

I love this collection of sea creatures and space inspired midi blankets that ChappyWrap created to raise money for Boston Children’s Hospital. Being in the hospital can be scary and overwhelming as a kid – having something to bring with you from home, like a warm blanket, can really provide a lot of comfort. This “Deep Sea Diving” print is my favorite, and the midi size makes a great lap blanket in addition to being a kids blanket!

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