Gift Guide: My Favorite Small Businesses

I thought that for this week’s gift guide, I’d focus on some of my favorite small businesses. Last week’s was all Pittsburgh-based small businesses that I love, and this week’s is small businesses from all over. It’s always good to remember that many of these don’t have the same processing and shipping turnaround times as the major retailers, so shopping early is best!

ChappyWrap // Scarf // Tumbler

Phone Case // Hotel Lobby Candle // Brakefields Earrings // Desk Calendar

Holst & Lee Earrings // Tiny Tassel Bow Pouch // Self-Care Box

Starting off with some of my tried and true favorites first. I think a ChappyWrap is a great gift for anyone – it’s just truly the perfect blanket. You can pick a more holiday print like this one, or a classic like this – you cannot go wrong. Everyone who I’ve convinced to buy a ChappyWrap has told me how much they’ve ended up loving their blanket – they’re just that good. Similarly, you also cannot go wrong with a Hotel Lobby Candle. The scents are all so rich and layered, but never overwhelming – I never get that candle headache when I light these. Again, they have some holiday-inspired scentsHoliday really does smell like a live Christmas tree – or you can go for something that’s still fall/winter but not strictly holiday like New York.

I love gifting fun jewelry and other accessories – things that you might not think to buy yourself. These earrings from Brakefields are cool because you can choose the type of earring you want – a clip-on, a fishhook, or a post! They’re obviously super cute and fun, and are really lightweight, too. I also love these earrings from Holst & Lee – they’re the perfect mix of chic and festive holiday fun.

This little beaded bow pouch from The Tiny Tassel is so cute – perfect to throw into a bigger bag to keep your things organized, but cute enough for everyone to ask where you got it when you pull it out. I also think this little scarf from Alivia would make a perfect gift – scarves like this are something I never actually get myself, but always wish I had. And it’s even better knowing that you’re supporting disabled creatives and a really cool company, too.

My friend Alyssa has a small online shop, and I think this printed tumbler is a gift that everyone would appreciate. You could even gift it with a nice bottle of wine if you wanted too! I’ve bought a desk calendar from Inslee Farris for the last few years, and it’s such a beautiful addition to anyone’s decor. I love this gorgeous phone case from Diane Hill – she’s such a talented artist! Just make sure you know which size / style of phone you’re shopping for.

Finally – I love this self-care gift box! It comes with a candle, bath bomb, body butter, and some sheet masks – the ultimate in pampering. They’ll even write a custom message of your choosing on a greeting card and include it for you! If you’re looking for something else, they have a hygge gift box, too, or you can even go completely custom and create your own!

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