Gift Guide: Pittsburgh Small Businesses

I’m sharing my first gift guide today! I know some of you (many of you?) may have already started shopping, but hopefully you haven’t completely finished your shopping yet! I like to start out by highlighting small businesses, especially knowing that many of them need more time for processing and shipping. I thought I’d get even more specific, and start by sharing gifts from some Pittsburgh-based small businesses in this gift guide.

Warhol Puzzle // Macarons // Mr. Rogers Tray

Caramels // Bow Tie // Coasters

Chocolates // Mr. Rogers Book // Hanging Propagator // Floral Dish

Candle Set // Earrings // Mug // Bookmark

Gifts To Wear

I know it can be challenging to buy people things to wear – everyone has their own different, unique style! But these gifts are things that should be pretty universally enjoyed. Also… it’s the shortest part of the gift guide.

I love everything that Knotzland does – and love their sustainable business practice, too! This bow tie is perfectly festive and would make a great gift. Honestly, it could be rocked by someone stylish of any gender – Knotzland bow ties don’t discriminate. For a jewelry option, I love these little hammered metal heart studs from local business Skelton Jewelry. They’re subtle, but the hammering gives them a little extra detail.

Gifts To Eat

Sweet treats make excellent gifts when you’re invited to a party at someone’s home – the host can either put them out for everyone to enjoy, or save them to privately enjoy later!

Gaby et Jules makes my absolute favorite macarons, and they ship nationwide, too! These caramels aren’t something I’ve had the chance to try yet… but I really want to. And these chocolates look so beautiful, they’re almost too good to eat…. almost being the key word, because they’re incredibly delicious.

Gifts For The Home

Some of these are Pittsburgh-themed, but I tried to keep most of them general, so they’re fitting whether you’re buying for the Yinzers in your life or you just want to support a great local business.

Obviously, when you think Pittsburgh, you think Mr. Rogers. I love this little coffee-table style inspirational book The World According to Mr. Rogers, which I have gifted to friends before! And this catchall tray with the phrase made famous by Mr. Rogers makes cute and affirming decor. You can never go wrong with a coffee mug, in my opinion, and I love the black-and-white Pittsburgh skyline on this one. Puzzles are always fun, and I especially love this Warhol one.If you want something less Pittsburgh-y, this beautiful blue floral ring tray / catchall is another great choice.

My good friend Katie is a super talented artist, but I know original artwork is out of most people’s budgets. Luckily, she has some of her work on these coasters, which make for both chic and affordable decor. I think this wall-hanging plant propagator is a really cute decor option, too – I’m not even a plant person and I want to hang it on my wall!

Finally – if you need a gift for the book lover in your life, I have two great options. This local candle company makes a box set inspired by some classic favorites – I’m so curious what scent is inspired by each of the books! And my talented friend Julie makes these personalized wire bookmarks. How cute would it be to gift them to your book club friends?!

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