Life Lately, November 2022

I’m still ‘not quite feeling like my typical self quite yet – still having to limit what I do and make sure that I’m prioritizing my health. But when I looked back through my camera roll, I realized that I still had some fun times, too! So here’s what I’ve been up to over the last month or so.

I got vaccinated – got my latest COVID booster shot, plus my annual flu shot. It’s so important to me to stay up-to-date and protected! Consider this your personal reminder to get vaccinated if you haven’t yet – it’s not too late! I didn’t really have bad side effects this time around, either! I do start taking ibuprofen preventatively a few hours after I get vaccinated (not before getting vaccinated – just after!!) for the next 24 hours or so, and it did a really great job keeping me side effect-free. Of course, everyone reacts differently, but that’s what worked for me.

I’m not really a big Halloween person myself, but I do have fun dressing Lily up each year. I think that this may be my favorite costume yet! For a little background – our FedEx delivery driver is basically Lily’s BFF. She gets SO excited whenever he stops by – he always has a treat (or two, or three!) for Lily, and sometimes he even stops by to see her even on days we don’t have any packages being delivered. So I thought that dressing her up in a FedEx costume would be a nice homage – and he was delighted!

The temperatures have seriously dropped, and I have been spending lots of time getting nice and warm and cozy under my ChappyWrap… and clearly, Simba has been enjoying it, too. It’s his favorite – I find him laying on it for hours!

With the temperature dropping came the first real snow!! It looks so pretty but from inside, but I enjoyed it a whole lot less having to actually feel it. I am just not a cold weather person at all, and while I’m happy we made it this far in the year without a real snow, I’m still never going to feel ready for it.

I was incredibly lucky, and after a very stressful five hours waiting in the virtual queue, I managed to get ADA tickets to see Taylor Swift! Very stressful is not an exaggeration – I checked my Apple Watch, and my heart rate went up to 128 bpm when I was reaching the front of the queue! I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have gotten tickets after reading about what everyone else went through. I had ADA seats available to choose from in the pre-sale, but from posts I’m seeing online, it doesn’t seem like that was the case at all venues – and the communication about ADA seats was so, so poor! Ticketmaster clearly has work to do in general, but they have even more work to do to make the ADA ticket buying process better.

Finally – this past weekend I saw Hadestown at the Benedum! I actually saw it almost exactly a year ago in New York on Broadway, and funny enough, the actress playing Persephone now in the tour is the same woman who I saw as Persephone in New York! It’s such an incredible show and everyone was so talented. If the tour is stopping in your city, I highly recommend it!

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  1. Chuck Klump

    I love your new FedEx delivery driver – I’m glad some things went well for you

  2. theheatherreportblog

    He really is the best!!

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