My Christmas Wishlist

Before I start sharing my gift guides for the year – those are coming starting next week – I like to share my own Christmas wishlist. It’s just a fun little thing for me to come up with and share – a lot of these are dream items, not things that I actually expect to get! But it’s still a fun thing for me to think about and share.

Knit Cape

I have loved this knit cape from Alice Walk for… probably two years now? I am obviously a big cape person, and this looks like the perfect combination of lightweight and warm. I also love how versatile it is – you can wear it more like a wrap, or thrown completely around your shoulders like in the picture above for maximum warmth.

Estelle Colored Glass Coupes

I just love how gorgeous these hand-blown glass champagne coupes are, especially with this slight blue wash. Champagne coupes are easier for me to drink from that flutes are, and I love the vintage vibes they give off. They’d be equally as perfect for a dinner party as they would for a solo celebratory glass of bubbly. You have to use the good stuff yourself, right??

Dyson Air Wrap

I am not really sure how easily I’d be able to use a Dyson Air Wrap, but I really really want to try! It’s a little out of my budget right now but the ability to do a bouncy blowout with the barrel attachment is just so appealing. I’m pretty sure it was on my Christmas wishlist last year, too.

Tory Burch Bag

This Petite Lee Radizwell bag from Tory Burch is just so classic and chic and I love it. It’s big enough to fit my phone, but small enough to hang off my wheelchair controller comfortably. And it’s one of those bags that just looks timeless, you know?

Sarah Flint Leopard Flats

I love a good leopard print, and these leopard print Sarah Flint Sachetto cap toe flats are no exception! I have not been disappointed by any of my Sarah Flint shoes yet and these would be a perfect addition to my collection.

If you decide to buy these for yourself, don’t forget to use the code SARAHFLINT-BAHEATHERREPORT for $50 off your first pair.

Catbird Ring

I just love the swirls of this Painters Ring from Catbird – it’s understated and delicate, but the swirls and whorls meant to imitate paint from a brushstroke give it that little something extra and unique.

MZ Wallace Micro Crosby

So I actually have this Micro Crosby in another color already, and use it all the time. I probably don’t neeeeed another, but I find it so hard to resist the metallic sheen of this one! So pretty and sparkly while being a great grab-and-go bag.

Travel Tech Case

I’m forever obsessed with finding the perfect pouches to use when I travel. I think this tech case has real potential! It has so many different pouches and partitions to hold all my different cords and chargers.

Diamond Studs

There is nothing more classic than a simple pair of diamond studs. I picked this Catbird pair because I like that they’re understated and dainty, and because I know Catbird is dedicated to sustainable diamonds!

Miele Espresso Machine

This espresso machine is the item on my wishlist that I’m probably going to gift myself as soon as it goes on sale. I love coffee, and now that I’m working from home and spending a lot of time at home, I want to be able to enjoy a really really good macchiato at home, too, and I’ve heard excellent things about Miele. A good cup of coffee just really brings me so much joy!

Santal 33 Perfume

I got a sample of the Santal 33 perfume last year and loved it… until I lost it somewhere in my house. It smells very deep and dark and is a unisex scent, and it’s so addicting to me! I know it’s one of those cult-favorites scents, and I am just a big fan.

Ayr Crewneck Sweater

This Ayr crewneck sweater looks so cozy, and I love this pretty blue shade that it comes in. I know that the Ayr t-shirt is the perfect boxy fit on me, and I bet the sweater would be equally perfect, too.

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