October 2022 Favorites

I’m still kind of in shock that October is over – I genuinely don’t know where the month is gone. I’m also trying not to think ahead too much, because I know that October ending means that winter is on the horizon, and I’m not ready to think about that at all. So I’m happy to look back on the October favorites from the past month and focus on the then and the now.

Biossance Copper Peptide Serum

This copper peptide serum is a recent addition to my skincare routine, but I’m really into it! I tend to keep my morning skincare routine pretty simple, because my skin tends to get noticeably oily really quickly during the day if I add too many products. So for me to add this in to the things I put on my face in the morning is a big deal! I love that it doesn’t add extra oil to my face during the day – it absorbs into my skin so quickly – and I also love that there’s actual research for the benefits of copper peptides for the skin. It’s so important to me that the things I’m using are actually effective!

Solo Stove

Since we’ve had a relatively mild fall with the weather so far, I’ve gotten a lot of use out of the Solo Stove, and it remains one of the most “worth it” things that we’ve ever bought! It’s so easy to start a fire and keep it going, the flames get hot so you actually stay nice and toasty warm, and the lack of smoke is such a game changer!! You don’t realize how much time you typically spend avoiding smoke during a backyard patio bonfire until you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Midnights by Taylor Swift

I mean, this one will come as no surprise! I love Taylor’s new album Midnights – I think You’re On Your Own, Kid, Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve, and Mastermind are my top three favorites from the album – and I’ve been listening on repeat. It’s just a great album for jamming out to with your headphones on or for singing together with friends. And of course… I can’t wait for her tour this summer!

Hotel Lobby Candle New York

I think that New York is my new favorite Hotel Lobby Candle scent. It’s so dark and deep – so chic and sophisticated for a candle. I think, for me, it’s the amberwood notes that I love so much. It could definitely work for any time of the year, but it feels especially fitting for the chillier temperatures.

BariMelts Vitamins

Okay, I know these are technically for bariatric patients, but I promise that I checked with my doctor and got him to sign off before I started taking them! I have trouble swallowing pills, even things like vitamins, sometimes. So that’s why these BariMelts are so cool – they melt / dissolve in your mouth! They have so many different kinds – multivitamins, iron, B12… it’s so great. And I was worried that they’d taste bad but they actually don’t at all.

Frozen the Musical

I had the best time seeing Frozen the Musical when the tour stopped in Pittsburgh. Disney always puts on an amazing show – you can just feel the magic – and the special effects were especially cool! I also loved that they added in new songs for the stage show, so it didn’t feel like you were just watching the movie live. To make it especially cool for me, I got to work with the show to help promote it, which was honestly a collaboration dream come true!

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