Accidentally Adaptive: JoyJolt Glass Mugs

My Accidentally Adaptive series highlights products and services that aren’t specifically intended for or marketed towards disabilities, but do actually have an adaptive use for me as a disabled woman. You can check out the whole series of Accidentally Adaptive posts.

Even a casual reader here or viewer on my Instagram knows that I am a coffee person. I think I could rival Lorelai Gilmore in my love for it – coffee, cappuccino, macchiato, I love them all, and I drink them basically all day long. And like any other coffee person, I have amassed quite the collection of cute coffee mugs over the years… most of which I can’t use!

The thing about a lot of coffee mugs is that they’re just too heavy for me. And they’re even too heavy empty, so when I actually add my drink and try to lift it up to drink from it – even with my straw! – my hands shake from the effort and it spills on my lap, or I have to set it down so quickly so that I don’t drop it that it slops up over the side with the force. But I finally found the perfect mug that is incredibly light and also really well insulated – these double-walled glass mugs from JoyJolt!

I recently upgraded my espresso machine (a full review will be coming!) and have been drinking a lot less Starbucks drinks and a lot more drinks that I make at home. Getting coffee to-go is easy in that disposable cups are super lightweight, so I almost never have issues drinking out of one – especially if there’s a lid to protect against spills. And while I do have some small 8 oz disposable cups with lids that I keep at home, I don’t want to use one every day. It’s just a lot of waste for a drink that I’m having in my own home!

So I brought these double-walled glass mugs from JoyJolt back out and was reminded how much I love them! They come in lots of different sizes – I have the 7.4 oz ones, which are perfect for me, but they make smaller and larger ones too. They’re a double-walled, super super lightweight glass (borosilicate glass, according to the product description), and the first time I ever picked one up I just could not get over how easy it was for me to lift. It might sound silly to call this life-changing, but if you love coffee as much as I do, knowing you can actually pick up your mug all by yourself and drink whenever you want is actually pretty huge!

And I love how insulated they are too – they really keep my coffee warm! The double wall of glass works so well both to keep the condensation off the mug and to keep my drink hot, too. I tend to sip and still have to microwave eventually (the mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe!) but I have at least an hour or two before I need to re-heat. Plus – the glass just looks so chic! It feels so adult. I often drink from kids-sized plastic cups so that I can lift them – I love that these look so adult but are still so easy for me to hold.

As usual, with all the accidentally adaptive things I talk about – you don’t have to have limited arm strength like me to enjoy these mugs! Lightweight glass coffee mugs are truly for anyone to enjoy. But if you do specifically need something lightweight – these mugs are the way to go!

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