Friday Favorites

This week felt like it flew by – I think it’s because it feels like we’re truly in the crush of the holiday season right now. Everything feels like it’s moving 100 miles and hour! I have some time planned to relax this weekend and take it slow, but also have plans to go to Barnes & Noble for a book signing happening by Chloe Liese! She wrote one of my favorite books that I read last month, Two Wrongs Make a Right, so I’m really excited to meet her and get a book signed! Can’t wait.

On to this week’s favorites.

Harry & Meghan on Netflix

I devoured the first three episodes of the Harry & Meghan docuseries yesterday! I know there weren’t really any “bombshell” moments (yet), but I loved the behind-the-scenes look into their life, directly from them. While the overall big picture story was nothing new, there were small insights that we hadn’t heard, interviews with people who haven’t spoken to the press, and just… their story, directly from them. I am so excited for the rest of the episodes coming next week!

Twitter and the Disability Community

My friend – also named Heather! – was interviewed in this piece about the impact of the changes happening on Twitter to the disability community. I’m more of an Instagram person than a Twitter one, but online communities in general are so key to the disability community. Instagram is how I found my disability community! So when changes to a major platform like Twitter can be incredibly isolating for a community that is already physically isolated because of COVID.

Corduroy Utility Dress

I wish I could wear this corduroy utility-style dress from J.Crew – it’s not a style that would work well for me and my feeding tube, but if I could wear it, I totally would. It’s the perfect chic and yet relaxed dress. It’s also an extra 50% off with the code SHOPSALE – too good of a deal to miss!

The Writer Writing about her Breakup

This article was making the rounds on Twitter (ha!) this week, and I just thought it was kind of perfect. The writer is incredibly insightful – about her ex, about her breakup, and about women in general. I mean – look at this quote: “The ability to bend an inch at a time while seeming to stand up straight is a useful and gendered skill. Most women I know do it regularly. They bend until they’re pretzeled and then blame themselves for the body aches.” Highly recommend reading the whole thing.

Apple’s The Greatest

Okay, this commercial is just so cool. I have always loved Apple for the accessibility of their products – next time you open a new package from them, note how they use a pull-tab to make the plastic unwrap with almost no strength needed at all. This commercial goes a step beyond and highlights all the things their devices can do for disabled users. I feel seen and I love it!

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