Gratitude List, December 2022

It feels like the time after the holidays is the right time to think about what we’re grateful for – a nice look inward after all the excess that tends to come along with the holidays. So, in no particular order, here’s what I’m feeling grateful for this month.

Time Off

I’m pretty sure this made last month’s gratitude list, too. These past few months have just felt like a lot, and having the time off to fully rest and relax has been very, very needed. It’s so nice to have more than two or three days off in row – enough to feel like I can really enjoy being off before I have to start to think about work again!


We just finished a nice trip to DC – more on that in tomorrow’s post – and while it wasn’t a busy trip by any means, it was nice to just be somewhere that wasn’t Pittsburgh! Different restaurants to get takeout from, a hotel instead of my house – just a change in atmosphere felt so nice. It helps stave off that winter, the walls are closing in on me feeling for just a little bit longer.

The Willard

I’ve shared before about how much I love staying at The Willard! Finding a hotel that really works for our family can be really tough – not only do we need an accessible bathroom, we just need space, period – otherwise we constantly feel like we’re on top of each other! The suite that’s become “our” regular at The Willard is just the best. It makes travel so much more relaxing! I’m so glad I found this hotel.

Internet Friends

I’ve met some great friends online, but my favorite part when they become friends friends and not just internet friends! On my trip to DC an internet friend turned friend friend went to a local bakery (Rose Ave, if you are in DC you must check it out!) and dropped off quite a selection of pastries and baked goods at the hotel for me to try. I can’t believe some of the incredible friendships I’ve made online, and I’m so grateful.

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