Holiday Traditions

Our tree is up and mostly decorated, it’s mid-December, and I’m slowly but surely getting into the holiday mood! So I thought that I’d help myself feel a little more Christmas-y by sharing some of my favorite holiday traditions. Some of these are things I’ve been doing for years, and some are more recent, but they’re all things that make it feel like the holiday season for me.

Christmas Movie Night

My dad is a big fan of Christmas movies. I don’t enjoy them quite as much as he does, but there are some classics (or at least, I call them classics!) that do really make it feel like the holidays. I love The Family Stone and The Holiday, but as a family, we typically land on The Santa Clause! And of course, I love to really set the cozy vibes by getting in my comfiest PJs, wrapping myself in a ChappyWrap, and sipping on some hot chocolate, too.

Getting Away for the Holidays

In 2019, we went to DC for Thanksgiving, and then last year actually went for Christmas itself. As much as I love catching up with friends and family, the older my sister and I get, the more logistically challenging big gatherings get, from a disability perspective. And more logistical challenges typically mean more stress! So choosing to get away and celebrating the holiday in a smaller, more low-key way has honestly been really nice.

Matching Outfits

This is another newer tradition. It’s actually funny because growing up, I hated when my mom put me and my sister in matching outfits – we already got asked if we were twins so often (we’re not!) and I didn’t want to encourage the questions. But now? I think matching is fun, and we’ve even roped my mom into it as well! Last year we all got matching velvet Nap Dresses, and this year we went with a tartan Nap Dress… and matching Lake nightgowns, too!

Snoopy’s Christmas by The Royal Guardsmen

For as long as I can remember, my dad has had this song playing on Christmas morning as we go downstairs to open presents! It is not exactly a popular Christmas song – I don’t think that I’ve ever heard it on the radio – it’s on the cornier end of holiday songs! But it’s fun and it’s a tradition. My dad even made sure he downloaded it on his phone so he could play it while we were in DC last year – he is dedicated.

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  1. Alyssa

    The matching outfits tradition is so sweet! I haven’t made it further than matching jewelry with my sisters, but who knows? Maybe clothing will be next!

  2. theheatherreportblog

    YES! Go for it. It’s just something easy and fun! Love the idea of matching jewelry, too!

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