November Favorites

Happy December! I rounded up my November favorites to share in today’s post – a nice mix of things I bought and things I did (like a much, MUCH needed haircut). I’m settling in for cozy season and hibernation now that we’ve reached December, so my favorites are going to be more and more things that I enjoy from the comfort of my home.

Mindy’s Take and Bake

This is the second year that we had our Thanksgiving meal catered from Mindy’s, and it’s just so, so nice. It takes away so much stress around the meal and the cooking time, especially since it was just me, my sister, and my parents this year, and let us just enjoy the meal. They even delivered everything the day before, which was amazing! And the food is so good – it tastes homemade – which, I mean, it is, just not made in my home.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow

I had seen a lot of hype for this book and put off reading it, thinking that it couldn’t live up to my expectations. But wow, this book was beautiful. It’s written beautifully, and the story itself was incredibly touching, too, and is going to stick with me for a long, long time. Sometimes it’s hard to find books about love that don’t really have a focus on romantic love, but this story did it perfectly. It was an absolute high point of the month for me.

My Haircut

I finally got my hair cut – I hadn’t gotten it cut since April 2021!! It was so, so needed, but in between life, COVID, and my other health issues, it felt too overwhelming to schedule it and I kept putting it off and off and off. But it feels so much better now that I got it done – I feel like a new me! I went to Studio Booth in Bakery Square and had a great experience – they have a chair that pulls out at the hair washing stations so I can stay in my wheelchair, and my stylist offered to wear a mask without me even having to ask. And I feel great!

Smart Space Heater

We’ve had some chillier mornings this month – we even had our first real snow (but that is a NON favorite for sure). I am always cold, so I love my space heater in general, but having a smart one is even better! I can turn it on from bed, while I’m still nice and toasty, so the room when I’m ready to get out of bed. And if I remember the night before, I get set it to turn on 30 minutes before my alarm goes off! It makes getting out of bed just a tiny bit easier – it’s the little things sometimes!

Catbird Painters Ring

I picked this ring up during Catbird’s Black Friday sale after wanting it for a while, and I just love it so much. I love how simple and chic it is, but the “paint” swirls and blobs spread throughout make it just a little bit unique. I get a smile on my face every time I glace at it on my finger – it’s such a beautiful piece.

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